AR Book Match Help


This page is designed to analyze your AR Quiz collection to determine two things; which books are needed for the quizzes you currently have, and which quizzes are needed for the books you currently have, but do not have the quizzes for.

This page will produce two separate lists and place them on the My Account page. Please allow up to 1 hour for this to run and for the lists to be produced.

NOTE: You may have to refresh the page in order to see the lists once produced.

Creating an AR Quiz export

Follow the simple instructions below for creating an AR Quiz export file from your AR program.

  1. From your AR Teacher's program / Management Program, click on "School"
  2. Click on Tests / Quizzes and you will see a list of all of your quizzes
  3. Please select / highlight all quizzes:
    1. Click on the first quiz
    2. Click and the drag the box in the scroll bar (to the right of the quizzes) all the way down to your last quiz
    3. Hold down the Shift key, and then click on the last quiz
  4. After you have selected all of the quizzes, look at the headings across the top of the page for "Quizzes / Tests"
  5. Click on this heading, and on the drop-down menu
  6. Please click on "Export Quizzes / Tests for AR Book Guide"
  7. It will take a few moments to render the file, and you will be prompted with a window to save the file.
  8. Save the file somewhere convenient like you Desktop or your My Documents file. Make sure to label the file something you will remember.

How to upload to AR Book Match

Instructions for uploading:

  1. Click the "Browse" button to search your computer for your exported list of AR Quizzes (For instructions on how to produce your AR Quiz Export file, see above)
  2. Select the file
  3. Click "Upload" to begin the analysis

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