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The List and Search Results pages form the foundation of's product selection process and are very similar in nature. From these pages you can manage the content of an individual list, as well as conduct research on specific titles.

List Summary

This information appears between the two blue navigation/tool bars, under the tabs when they are present, and above the "Title Results" area. The information provides a basic summary of the selected list's contents.

Title Results

The Title Results area displays the product title and additional information, row by row, for the contents of your list.

Add. On a list page, the Add column will automatically contain a check-mark for all titles to indicate selection.

To add or remove a product:

  1. Click on the box so the check-mark appears or disappears. Check-mark indicates selection.
  2. When you are finished with your selections, click on the "Update" button above, or utilize the "Update All Changes on this Page" option in the left-hand menu.

NOTE: "N/A" in the Add column indicates that though an AR Quiz is available, Perma-Bound does not carry that particular book title.

NOTE: Adding or removing a selected title does not automatically add or remove its associated AR Quiz (if applicable). You must also click on the check-mark within the "AR Quiz" column if you want to select or deselect it.

For more information about the Title Results, click here .

List Function Interface

The blue row, located above the Title Results area, provide a series of quick commands for managing your list. Some of the commands mirror functions from the homepage, while others are unique to the List page.

List Selectors

The left-hand menu allows you to rapidly select or deselect multiple products in your list.

* Only if you are utilizing Manage My Collection. For more information, go to the 'Manage My Collection ' area of the Help Center.

Update All Changes on this Page. Update any quantities and priorities, then click here.

Sorting Options

The "Sort By" option in the left-hand menu provides several options for sorting a list. Choose to sort lists by ascending or descending numerical or alphabetical value using the "Sort Direction" option; items without a stored value will appear at the end of an ascending list and the beginning of a descending list.

NOTE: The default sort setting for all lists is alphabetical by title, which is how a list will be displayed every time you open it (no matter what sorting options you selected previously).

Title Detail Page

This page provides additional information on an individual title, from page count and Dewey code to series. You can reach the title detail page by clicking on the book/set title in any list or search results page. Click here for information.

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General List Management

Organizing Principles

Following a few common practices can help alleviate potential headaches and make using more efficient and agreeable. Additional information on list management and maintenance can be found in the 'My Account ' help section.

FAQs - Lists

How do I create a list?

From the 'My Account page. '

From a search results page or the title detail page:

  1. Click on the "Create New List" link in the left-hand menu - a "New List Name" box will appear.
  2. Enter your list name and press "Submit". You can now begin searching and adding items to your newly created list.

For more information on conducting searches go to the 'Searches ' section of the Help Center.

How do I add products to my list?

You must first conduct a search (see the 'Searches '). Once you are at a search results page:

  1. Click on the "Add" box.
  2. This can also be done from any Title Detail Page if you are working with an opened list.

How do I delete products from my list?

  1. Navigate to the "View List" page by clicking on View "Listname" in the left-hand menu on the search page, or from the My Account page click on the listname.
  2. Click on the checkbox so the check-mark disappears.
  3. Click on the blue "Update" button.

Why is my list empty?

You need to conduct a search and select some titles to add them to your list.

I added some items to my list but now I don't see them - why?

If your list is large and contains many items, it will take up several pages. Once items are added to a list they are sorted alphabetically by title (the default setting every time you reopen a list). You can either navigate through the pages using the arrows ( and ) or "Jump to page" button, or sort the list by "As Keyed" to view in terms of order added.

What is the difference in priorities - high, normal, and sub?

I have added many different items to my list over a period of time - how do I view my list in terms of the order in which these items were added?

Sort your list by "As Keyed" and it will show the results in terms of the order added.

I deleted some titles from my list but I still see them there - why?

You may have deleted the titles from the "Add" column but forgot to delete them from the "AR Quiz" column. A list will continue to display a title if either of these two columns contains a check-mark.

How do I combine separate lists together?

Use the ' Merge function. '

How do I split a list into to separate smaller lists?

Use the 'Split function. '

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