Classroom Processing

Are you building a collection of classroom titles or adding to an existing one? If so Perma-Bound offers the following processing options for use in the classroom.

You can use any or all of the following processing options to assist you in organizing your collection. The prices for each separate option are listed on the right-hand side. If you do not see the specific processing option you are looking for, please contact your sales representative for customized options. To find out who your sales representative is, click here.

Packages Unattached Attached
MARC records
To learn more about our free MARC records, click here.
Barcodes for use with your automated circulation system.
$0.00 $0.23
Circulation kits $0.39 $0.91
Pockets individually $0.33 $0.46
Cards for student checkout in the classroom individually $0.12 N/A
Shelf list card individually $0.12 N/A
Spine label and/or Colored Dot (unprinted) individually $0.00 $0.23
Custom label $0.00 $0.23
Many times comp money or other special funds are used for purchase and have to be included on the book.
You may use any number of the following options on your labels for use in the classroom.
Options for labels:
  • School Name
  • School Address
  • Teacher's Name
  • Classroom Number
  • Specific Thematic Use
  • Copy/Edition Number
  • Barcode
  • Reading Program Information
  • Guided Reading levels
  • Language
  • Other (customer request)
Hand stamping
Many times comp money or other special funds are used for purchase and have to be included on the book.
N/A $0.26
Labels for Audio/Visual items
These are specially designed to fit the oddly sized containers of CD cases, DVD cases, and VHS boxes. Optional placement choices are available.
Reading Program labels $0.00 $0.23
Accelerated Reader
Guided Reading
Lexile Framework for Reading
Reading Counts!
Spine labels
The labels can be used in a variety of ways. A few examples are below:
$0.00 $0.23
  • Colors to designate a grade level Ex: All grade 1 titles with red dots on the spine
  • Colors to designate reading levels Ex: Ex: All RL 1.0-1.9 have a red dot on the spine
Kapco EasyCover II Paperback Only N/A $3.04
Colibri Paperback Only N/A $1.58

*There is a $.24 handling charge per book for any attached item(s).