LevelUp from Perma-Bound

LevelUp is a robust adaptive reading platform for PreK-2+ that fosters young readers’ literacy growth through a single interactive resource that brings together educators and students. Featuring a format that supports small group and whole class instruction as well as individualized reading and learning, LevelUp can provide a personalized experience for every student.

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  • Provides a personalized library for every student, with thousands of titles available.
  • Suitable for group or individual instruction.
  • Titles are organized by interest or type (science, phonics) or usage (e.g., assigned titles).

Instructor features:

  • Teachers can assign books, track progress, and schedule assessments.
  • My Classroom tool contains an interactive class roster and other tools, allowing instructors to sort students by reading group, adjust frequency of comprehension quizzes, control student access to the game environment, and more.
  • Instructors have access to Lexile measures, page counts, and more, and can toggle between English, Spanish, or bilingual versions of a book.
  • Instructional resources include graphic organizers, lesson plans, and access to printable versions of books in various sizes.

Professional Development resources are available to help you meet the specific Learning Outcomes necessary to implement LevelUp to meet the needs of both student and educator. Getting Started Professional Development for LevelUp