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Perma-Bound Editions

Quantity Additional Discount Off List Price+*
1-24 School Discount Price
25-99 2% off School Discount Price
100-249 3% off School Discount Price
250-499 4% off School Discount Price
>500 6% off School Discount Price

+Our Perma-Bound editions receive a 30% discount off list price.
*Exceptions or limitations may apply

Paperback Orders

Quantity Discount off List Price*
1-5 Up to 15% off
6-24 Between 15-25% off
>25 Between 20-36% off

Important: If you plan to purchase larger quantities of the same title, please contact us before you order. Additional discounts may apply.

* Books remaining in publishers' original bindings are guaranteed from manufacturers' defects for one year. Paperbacks are not guaranteed; will be replaced if defective.

Contact your Perma-Bound sales representative for more information.