Printing Help

Overview provides a quick, convenient printing process for all your lists, orders, and quotes. Choose from among an array of print options for maximum flexibility.

Printing Lists

To print a list you can:

Print Processing Preferences

Selecting from the drop-down will give you the option to select your processing preference profile and price of that preference (if "On file with Perma-Bound"; is selected).

Print Address

Select an address from the drop-down boxes. These are your billing and shipping addresses. The addresses you choose will appear at the top of your printout.

You may add more addresses with the "Add Address" button.

You will now be taken to the Print Options page.

Printing Orders and Quotes

You always have the option to print orders and quotes prior to submitting them.

  1. Select a list and click "Order Online" or "Submit as Quote."
    From a list page, click on "Proceed to Checkout"; (for an order) or "Submit as Quote";.
  2. Make your selections on the Order Information/Checkout or Quote Information pages (for more information, refer to the 'Orders and Quotes' area of the Help Center).
  3. You can print the confirmation page prior to submission. If you only want to print but not submit your order or quote, be sure to click cancel on that page.

NOTE: You can choose to print an order or quote without officially submitting it, affording you the opportunity to produce hard copies of potential orders or quotes for other colleagues or supervisors. You can also select print from the list page in order to print the same information.

Print Options

Select from among's print options by clicking on the appropriate button. When you are finished, click on the "OK"; button at the bottom to proceed.

Sort Titles By

NOTE: Items not included within a particular sorting criterion, such as Teacher's Guides and sets, when sorting by Dewey or Reading Level will be displayed first on the Print page.

Choose a printing format

Print Contents of Sets

Selecting the check-box will display titles included in any sets you have.

Print Reading Program Information

Selecting the check-box will display the reading levels and point values of titles included with the Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts! programs.

Print Annotations

Selecting the check-box will display the annotation (from the Title Detail page) for each item.

Print Memos

Selecting the check-box will display any memo you have for included titles.

Print / Email

NOTE: The additional information included will increase the page count of your printout.

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Print Screen

After selecting your print options, you will be taken to a Print Screen that displays your results.

Print Screens will further categorize products by priority, beginning with High and ending with Subs.

FAQs - Printing

How do I get started printing?

Details for printing a list are here. For printing an order or quote, click here.

My print screen has too much/not enough information - how do I change it?

Take a look at the Print Options page. You can try different printing options and easily move back in forth between this page and the Print Screen by clicking on the "Back"; link at the bottom of the page (or by using you browser's "Back"; button). Once you are satisfied, click on "Print";, also at the bottom, to open your browser's print menu.

I was printing an order/quote and noticed my billing/shipping address was incorrect - how do I change this?

You can add or edit address information while building an order or quote as well as through the My Information section of the My Account page. Simply navigate to either one of these pages and make any needed changes.

Do you have an order form I can print?

You can use a printout from the print email function of any list, order, or quote as an order form for fax or conventional mail. Order forms are also included in the PDF versions of most of our other product materials, such as Perma-Picks or the ALA Awards Brochure, which can be found on the homepage.

Can I send my printed list to my district office for approval or purchase order addition, and then have them fax or mail it to you as an order?

Yes, certainly. We will always work with you to ensure satisfaction. If you don't want to or are unable to place orders online, you can always print a list, order, or quote and mail or fax it to us instead.

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