Perma Gram


What is a Perma-Gram?

The Perma-Gram is sent each week to provide timely and relevant content to the customers and prospects of Perma-Bound who have opted-in to receive more information about our company and applicable special offers.

Below is just a sampling of the valuable information contained within our Perma-Gram. Click on the more info link next to the feature to read more about it.

  • Club Read (more info...)
  • Seasonal Collections (more info...)
  • Special promotional offers
  • Information on the newest features available on
  • National Awards Lists (more info)
  • The latest digital offering from Perma-Bound Digital (more info)
  • State Awards Lists (Only applies to certain states. Contact your representative to see if your state is on the list!) (more info)
  • Featured Authors and their booklists
  • Links to our website features such as:
  • And many more fantastic features

How do I receive Perma-Gram?

To sign up to receive our FREE Perma-Gram simply click on whichever link below applies to you: