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Overview's many search tools provide a number of options for selecting or browsing from our entire stock of titles. You can choose from among the Quick Search and Quick Search criteria, use the Advanced Search options to refine your results, or conduct specific searches of suggested booklists. From the Search Results pages you can begin creating and adding to your own lists.

Quick Search

The Quick Search is found in the upper right-hand corner throughout It consists of a drop-down box for selecting criteria (on the left) and a blank box for entering search words or numbers (on the right). To conduct a Quick Search:

To conduct a Quick Search

  1. Click on your search criteria (title, author, etc.) in the drop-down box.
  2. Type your search words in the blank box and hit "Enter" or click on "Go." You will be taken to a Search Results page displaying matches for your criteria.

Specific Search Links

There are two special searches. Click on Advanced Search to find them. These are:

For more information on these searches, scroll down or select them in the menu area.

Advanced Search


The Advanced Search tool provides highly refined, specific results by allowing you to select from, or combine, multiple search criteria. You can reach the Advanced Search page by selecting it from the top right-hand corner of every page, or once you are logged in, by clicking on it in from the "Searches" heading on the "My Account" page.

Criterion Options - Advanced

Select from any number of the following advanced search criteria. You can select as many or as few criteria as you would prefer.

Click on to enter a criterion.

Click on if you no longer wish to search by this criterion.

Narrow By:

Begin a specific search by entering your selection words in either of two boxes in the middle of the advanced search page.

Choose criteria from the drop-down boxes: Title, Author, Catalog Number, Illustrator, Easy Search, Publisher, Series, Subject Heading, ISBN, AR Quiz Number, Within Set Number, Booklist Number, and LCCN.

Grade Levels

Reading Programs

Product Details

Review / Recommendations

Content/Subject Matter

Match List

Submit or Reset

Once all search criteria has been entered and selected, press "Submit" to initiate your search. To clear all fields and begin again, press "Reset". Depending on your internet browser's settings, our website is programmed to retain all search criteria until you choose to "Reset" the search form.


You want to add recently released titles on animals for K-3 readers.

  1. Use "animals" and select "Easy Search" within Narrow Search by:.
  2. Choose Reading Levels: "From - 1" "To - 3" (which includes kindergarten).
  3. Enter "From - 2006" within Copyright Date, then Click on "Submit".

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Multiple Catalog / ISBN / AR Quiz Search

This will allow you to search for multiple catalog numbers / ISBN / AR quiz numbers at once, without a limit to the size of the list. Select the appropriate radio box to search by: Catalog Number, ISBN, or AR Quiz Number. Enter your numbers in the large box and press "Submit". You need not include the dashes in the ISBN.

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Accelerated Reader Search

This search tool has been integrated into the Advanced Search.

You may also use the AR Reading Level, AR Points Range, and AR Grade Range criteria.

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Reading Program Viewing Options

The following information will be included on your search results and list pages based upon the settings in your account:

To alter your Reading Program viewing options (which were initially chosen upon signing up), click on User Preferences in the left-hand menu on the My Account page. Then click on the appropriate box to add or remove the check-mark, then click on "Update". For further information, go to the 'Reading Programs' area of the Help Center.

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Search Results Page Overview

The Search Results and List pages form the foundation of's title selection process and are very similar in nature. From these pages you can conduct research on specific titles, as well as add to and manage the contents of an individual list.

Search Results Summary

The blue row above the Title Results area provides a basic summary of the search results including the total number of titles and the number of pages of results.

Refine Results

If you have received too many results, click on "Refine Search" to narrow your search by adding more search criteria.

Title Results

The Title Results area displays the title and additional information, row by row, for the results of your search. This includes the following fields of information:

Book Buttons

These multi-colored icons will make finding the special book formats easier. The following "Book Buttons" will appear next to the cover image, on the Quick View pop-up window, on the Title Detail screens, and within your lists. Simply perform a search and scan down the page for these buttons to find the format you want. Watch the site for the Book Buttons shown below!

  Common Core


  Graphic Novel


  Chapter Book

  Large Print

  Light Novel


  Series Tracker

  Big Book

  Board Book

  Hot Title

  Adult Language

  Mature Content


  Ebook MUA (Multi User Access)


Search Results/Tabs

When search results are displayed, they will be sorted into the four tabs near the top of the page. Click on each tab to view the appropriate items.

Search Results/List Interface

These options, located above the Title Results area, provide a series of quick commands for interfacing with your lists and search results. Additional option buttons will appear depending upon your selections.

These options, located in the left-hand menu provide a series of quick commands for interfacing with your lists and search results.


List Management


Sorting Options

The "Sort By" drop-down menu under the "Sorting" heading in the left-hand menu provides several options for sorting search results. Choose to sort results by ascending or descending numerical or alphabetical value using the "Sort Direction" drop-down menu.

NOTE: The default sort setting for all search results is typically alphabetical by title.


These are an alternative to using Refine Search.

NOTE: The filters can be used separately or in tandem. You can, for example, filter by both "Spanish" and "Grades 5-9" to achieve pinpoint results.

Author and Series Links

When viewing your search results, the author name is a link. When you click on the author's name, the website will automatically search for all titles by that author. It then displays the results of your new search.

When viewing your search results, if the title is part of a publisher's series (Harry Potter, Boxcar Children) the website will display the series name as a link. That link will automatically search for all titles within that series. It then displays the new search results.

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Title Detail Page

This page provides additional information on an individual title, from page count and Dewey code to series. You can reach the title detail page by clicking on the blue -Title Detail- link in any list or search results page. This page has the following information and options:

The top of each title detail page will include the title, author, price, and series (if application) information. As in other areas, clicking on the author's name will open a new search with results for all titles by that author.

You can add a title to your list from within a Title Detail page:

  1. Set the quantity to the number of items you want.
  2. Set the priority by choosing from the Priority drop down.
  3. Click on the "Add" button.
  4. A red "In List" will appear for that title.

Below this area is the annotation for the title, the Perma-Bound catalog number, and binding type. All of this information remains on all sections of the title detail page.

More information can be found at the bottom of the page by using various tabs. NOTE: Not every title will have all the information below. Additionally, many tabs will not appear unless you are logged in.


Provides specific information (when it applies) to each title including the following: Publisher, Copyright, Illustrator, Pages, Availability, ISBN and ISBN 13, Dewey Classification, LCCN, Dimensions, Subject Headings, Language, Reviewing Agencies, etc.

Reading Information

Word Count, reading level, interest level, and reading program information.


Selected titles include reviews by Perma-Bound and the School Library Journal.


Find all sets which contain this title.

Teaching Material

In addition to other products and sets, your search results may include Teacher Material. For more detailed information on these materials, click here.


Find all of your lists which contain this title.

State Standards

If your state is displayed in light blue on the State Standards map there will also be tabs on our title detail pages which display the standards a title correlates to.

NOTE: Not all titles on Perma-Bound will correlate to a standard for your state. Additionally, the State Standard tab is based upon the state listed in your profile, not the state you are currently viewing from the State Standards section of the site.


This tab allows you to create custom memos about items. For more information check out the My Account section of help.

The following options are available on the left-hand menu of the title detail page:



List Management

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FAQs - Searches

I have conducted a search and would now like to save some items to a list - how do I proceed?

  1. Click on the "Create New List" button - a "New List Name" box will appear.
  2. Enter your list name and press "Submit". Your new list's name will appear between the single quotes in the "Add to list" and "View list" buttons.
  3. Click on "Add". A red "In List" message will appear beside your newly added items. You can now retrieve your new list at any time from the Lists, Orders, Quotes area of the My Account page.

How can I research a product in detail?

Click on the product's title, which will take you to the Title Detail page for that item.

My search returned pages and pages of results - how can I limit or refine my results?

Try using the Advanced Search and limiting by Reading Level, Interest Level, Product Type, or any of the other criteria. Click here to see some examples.

Which basic search criterion will return the broadest selection of results?

Use the Easy Search option for broad results. Easy Search includes these search criteria:

How do I search for the newest titles?

You can use the Copyright Date field in Advanced Search and enter a range of the last few years.

NOTE: If you want to search a particular year (2005, for example), enter that year in both boxes.

What are Teacher's Guides, Perma-Guides, Novel Units, and Student Packets? How do I search for them?

Click here for a brief overview of these support materials. To search for these support materials, go to the Advanced Search page and select them in the "Product Type" drop-down box.

I can't find the title I'm looking for, can you help me?

Yes. If you're having trouble locating an item on our website click on the We Can Help under "Can't Find a Title" in the left-hand menu for details to help you locate a title, you can also call customer service at +1 800 637-6581 or email the following information to

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