Paired Titles

Ham and cheese. Batman and Robin. Lucy and Ethel. Bogie and Bacall. The right pairings can transform two already-good components into a combination that's truly great!

What's true for food and entertainment can be just as true for education. Pairing related fiction and nonfiction titles accomplishes a similar great synergy when it comes to achieving curriculum goals and improving learning outcomes. Paired texts teach students to evaluate multiple sources of information by requiring them to analyze two or more texts on the same topic, in either print or digital format. In doing so, students develop independent, critical thinking abilities and basic research skills.

Elementary School

Amazing Animals K-3

Amazing Animals 4-6

Fun with STEM K-3

Fun with STEM 4-6

Healthy Self-Esteem K-3

Healthy Self-Esteem 4-6

Middle School

Ancient Civilizations

Moving West

Inspiring Athletes

High School

World War II

Exciting Sports

Engaging with Technology