AV2 Products

Blended learning is available at your fingertips—and your students’—with educational services from AV2. Available in five subscription packages to fulfill your K-8 needs.

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AV2’s offerings include:

  • AV2 World Languages: Including 1,210 audio eBooks—110 titles in 11 languages—World Languages features only the highest-quality AV2 books. Each AV2 World Languages Digital Subscription title can be switched between 1 of 11 different languages with a simple click.
  • EyeDiscover: Beginning readers can get the full benefit of optic read-alongs with the 170 digital titles available through EyeDiscover. Each title is read aloud by a professional narrator, allowing beginning readers to listen at their own pace.
  • AV2 Fiction: Bring story time to life with AV2 fiction titles for grades K-6. The program features celebrated children’s titles, read aloud by professional narrators, showcasing timeless tales of mystery, suspense, adventure, and the life lessons learned as children grow.
  • AV2 Nonfiction, K-2, K-5 and 3-8: With 134 interactive nonfiction ebooks at the K-2 level, 498 for grade K-5 and 384 for grades 3-8, titles are designed to engage even the most reluctant readers. Lessons come alive with multimedia features, including videos, web links, activities, and more.