Digital Databases

We offer supplementary digital databases from Abdo Digital, Rosen Digital, and CountryReports, that provide the opportunity for further in-depth research. They include topics ranging from sports to social studies to financial literacy.

Country Reports

CountryReports has recently published a major expansion of the content offered with exciting new areas and features, including:

  • Customizable Graphs, Create, Save and Download
  • Videos that demonstrate culture and life in a country
  • New interactive country maps and capital city maps
  • Environmental issues
  • Health and Medical information
  • Crime Information
  • National Defense
  • Transportation
  • Weather and Climate

Journey Back in Time Database

A subscription to the Journey Back in Time database brings history to life with access to valuable primary source materials online without limitations. Original scanned materials and reformatted text versions available in English or Spanish.

  • Browse 30,000+ original articles, journals and diaries in the vault of Chronicle Resources
  • Read chapters from old volumes in the Rare Book Room
  • Watch Video Time Capsules about the people and events that have shaped our world
  • Create your own lesson plans using the Educators Resource
  • Use the Dictionary of Historical Terms to find helpful definitions
  • Play educational games