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Perma-Bound's State Standards page is designed to help you easily and efficiently navigate through your state's standards. The individual state pages display the text for each individual standard as well as links to search results of our database for the suggested titles that Perma-Bound carries which correlate to that standard. Read the directions shown below for further information on how to use our State Standards page and how to browse these titles.

How to Select a State

If your state is displayed on the map in the light blue color, you may click on that state to view its standards. If your state is displayed in a dark blue or gray color, please check back in the near future as we plan on adding the rest of the states in a timely fashion.

How to Find the Standards for a State

Once you have selected the state you are interested in viewing the standards for you will be taken to that corresponding state page. After being taken to the State Standards page for that state, you can browse the standards by following these directions utilizing the left-hand menu.

  1. Select the subject matter of interest
  2. Select the grade you are interested in
  3. The corresponding standards will then be displayed below
NOTE: You may choose a different state at any time. To do so, click the 'Select a Different State' option from the left-hand menu.

How to View the Titles Corresponding to State Standards

Here are the basic steps for viewing the titles that correspond to a state standard.

You can either select "To view all matching titles click here. " above the individual standards to see all the titles which correspond to one or more of the standards for that subject matter area and grade level OR click on the link after "Suggested Titles for" under each specific standard for those titles which meet that specific standard.

NOTE: The number displayed before "Suggested Titles for" is the number of titles that Perma-Bound carries and has identified as applying to that standard.

State Standard Tab on Title Detail

If your state is displayed in light blue on the State Standards map there will also be tabs on our title detail pages which display the standards a title correlates to.

NOTE: Not all titles on Perma-Bound will correlate to a standard for your state. Additionally, the State Standard tab is based upon the state listed in your profile, not the state you are currently viewing from the State Standards section of the site.

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