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November 2013
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Ann Ingalls

Etiquette - Conducting yourself with courtesy, respect, and displaying polite behavior.

Ann Ingalls’ birthday is on November 24th.

Ann Ingalls was born in Cleveland, Ohio on Thanksgiving Day. She always enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner including a pumpkin pie with birthday candles and of course the Macy’s Day Parade as part of her birthday celebration!

Before she became a writer, Ann had many interesting jobs. She was a teacher, worked in a car factory, sold shoes and greeting cards, made donuts and scooped ice cream (making any kind of sundae she wanted).

Ann writes picture books, recipes, poetry, prayers, and resource materials for parents and teachers. She loves to read, play cards, go for long walks, ride her bike, swim, knit, play with her cats and travel when not writing. Even though Ann has traveled all over the world, her favorite place is still her home in Kansas City, Missouri, “Where people are friendly, barbecue is great and jazz is grand!”

Ann considers herself lucky to be married to her “kind husband,” Winston, and have “three lovely children,” Sarah, Kevin, and Mary, a lot of sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends.

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