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June 2013
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Katie Smith Milway

Resourcefulness - Ability and willingness to envision and carry out an effective solution in a difficult situation while valuing people, nature, animals, and things.

Katie’s birthday is on June 2nd.

Katie Smith Milway was raised in Vancouver, B.C., and began telling stories to kids she babysat. One day she decided to write one down for a Canadian children’s fiction contest. She published her first work, The Dusty Box, in third grade. Her books are written using her work in other countries, research gained from library references, and daydreaming.

Katie has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting global development. She is a partner in The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit advisor to philanthropic organizations. Serving on the management team of the Food for the Hungry International organization, she has coordinated programs in Africa and Latin America. Katie has written numerous articles and two books on sustainable development as well as serving as a resource specialist to the Salzburg Global Seminar. Her book One Hen enlists children in the cause of microfinance and has its own website,

She has a BA in English from Stanford University, a Master’s in European Studies, an MBA, and speaks many languages.

Katie lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with her husband, Michael and their three children.

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