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February 2013
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Matthew Holm

Leadership -The ability to take on every task with a sense of purpose and caring for those around them. Leading others to grab hold of a vision and inspiring them to reach it.

Matthew Holm’s birthday is on February 24th.

Matthew Holm is a graphic designer, mouse wrangler, and freelance writer. The brother-and-sister team of Matthew "InkBoy" Holm and Jennifer "WriterGirl" Holm are long-time comic fans, the duo behind the award-winning Babymouse series, and the newly created spinoff series, Squish.

Matthew actually draws each book three times. First, they collaborate on ideas and then Jennifer writes the manuscript, he draws quick thumbnail pencil sketches and sends those drawings to Jennifer, who cuts and pastes them into a rough layout. Matthew re-draws the layout pages on full size sheets of paper with Sharpie Markers. His final versions are inked on his computer using a special drawing tablet and then he adds color. Thus their collaborative magic is born!

He began drawing his own comic strips in sixth grade. During his senior year in High School he was in a mentor-mentee program with Tony Auth, the Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist! Matthew went on to draw weekly editorial cartoons for Penn State’s Daily Collegian and to write for Country Living magazine.

Matthew’s favorite dessert is cheesecake (although, like Babymouse, he never turns down a cupcake). He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and dog.

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