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Patricia Polacco

Anti-Bully - Treating others in a way that does not intimidate by hurting or humiliation in a verbal, emotional or physical way as to cause dominance.

Patricia Polacco’s birthday is on July 11th.

Patricia (Trisha) Ann Barber Polacco was born in Michigan, where she spent her early years living with her mom and grandparents during the school year on a farm and summers with her dad and other grandparents. She moved to Florida then Oakland, California, with her mom and brother, where she stayed for 37 years.

Living in both households with grandparents who loved her so dearly gave her a chance to interact and gain a deep respect for the elderly. She enjoyed the stories from the Ukraine, Russia and Ireland. The family of Stewart, her best friend, had many stories to share from the bayous of Louisiana. Patricia’s stories and artwork are shaped by these historical tales. She listens to her inner voice in the quiet, and then writes. Patricia wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of 41.

Patricia didn’t learn to read until she was almost 14. She had been expressing herself through art; then her “hero teacher” discovered she had dyslexia. After Patricia received help, she did very well in school.

She has earned an M.F.A. and a Ph.D. in Art History, specializing in Russian and Greek painting, and iconographic history. She is a museum consultant, and is also deeply involved in inner-city projects that promote the peaceful resolution of conflict, and encourages art and literacy programs.

Patricia has two children and now lives on a glorious old farm in Union City, Michigan.

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