Build Character With Perma-Bound

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Self-Sacrifice - Delaying what you would like for one individual or for the benefit of many.

Leadership - The ability to take on every task with a sense of purpose and caring for those around them. Leading others to grab hold of a vision and inspiring them to reach it.

Curiosity - A passionate motivation to explore the unknown and learn new things.

Cheerfulness - Maintaining a good-humored, bright, and pleasant attitude toward others and the world around them.

Courage - To face difficulty or danger and express your beliefs even if you’re afraid.

Resourcefulness - Ability and willingness to envision and carry out an effective solution in a difficult situation while valuing people, nature, animals, and things.

Anti-Bully - Treating others in a way that does not intimidate by hurting or humiliation in a verbal, emotional or physical way as to cause dominance.

Perseverance - Continue to work hard and persist toward the goal even when obstacles and difficulties arise.

Respect - Show consideration and regard for yourself, others, and the world around you.

Imaginative - Having a lively imagination, especially a creative imagination that is able to think of something new.

Etiquette - Conducting yourself with courtesy, respect, and displaying polite behavior.

Patience - The power to wait calmly with a happy spirit; avoiding extremes.


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