Novel Units

Immerse students in the best of classic and contemporary award-winning literature while challenging their thinking skills. Perma-Bound has partnered with the educational companies, Novel Units, Inc. and ECS, to offer their full line of Novel Units Teacher Guides and Student Packets.

Novel Units Teacher Guides (listed as 'Novel Units' throughout our website) provide lesson plans for specific pieces of literature, emphasizing higher-level thinking and skill integration. These guides are designed to work together with Student Packets as complete comprehensive teaching units, but they can be used alone. To browse our complete listing of novel units, click here.

Novel Unit Teacher Guides: $11.99 each ($14.26 Canada).

To find guides while searching, use the Advanced Search located in the upper right-hand corner of our website. Enter your search criteria and click 'Novel Units Only' in the Product Type box for specific results.


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