Genre Labels

Thinking about genrefying your library? Perma-Bound can help!

Genrefication is all about having students spend less time searching for books and having more time to enjoy books. Genrefying allows you to create a library space that gives students easy access to the books they love with the ability to explore new genres with ease. Whether you are new to genrefying or adding books to an existing genrefied collection, Perma-Bound is here to offer solutions.

Genrefication Feature From Perma-Bound

  • Genre labels customized for your library needs
  • Primary and secondary genres indicated in the book MARC record
  • Drop-down menu functionality to support customized genrefication for your library collection
  • Books are shipped shelf-ready and in genre order
  • Call Perma-Bound at 1.800.637.6581, option 6, or your local Perma-Bound sales representative for additional information

Why would a school want to genrefy its library?

  • Help students find reading materials they are looking for
  • Expose students to diverse selections of authors
  • Bring visibility to high-interest titles
  • Motivate students to read more
  • Support their collection and school curriculum better
  • Make students more independent library users
  • Increase circulation, which helps increase additional funding

Your Perma-Bound Books with Genre Labels

Our program gives you the option to purchase Perma-Bound books with helpful genre labels. The colorful labels are attached to the spine of the book and provide an easy visual reference for librarians and patrons alike. Books arrive shelf ready.

Genre labels can be added to your current spine labels.

Genre Label Types

  • Picture Labels
  • Spine Labels
  • Colored Labels
  • Classification Labels for book types, themes, and book awards
  • Colored Label Protectors on Spine Labels

Genre Categories

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Pick your own custom genre
  • Classification