Classroom Supplemental Resources

We offer five unique guide formats written by educators that present a wealth of information not typically offered in current guides on the market. Choose from any of the links below for more specific information on these terrific products. We also carry a full line of DVDs, videos, and CDs.

Perma-Guides - Exclusively from Perma-Bound

Based on the most popular titles for young adults, Perma-Guides to Literature are designed to extend your students' comprehension by bolstering thinking, analyzing, speaking, listening, viewing, and research skills.

Perma-Guides Cost:

Perma-Guides to Literature: $24.50 each ($30.67 Canada)

Basic Perma-Guide Information

Perma-Guides contain support material for teachers and worksheets for three levels of student comprehension, Grades 6-12.

Written by experienced classroom professionals, our newly redesigned Perma-Guides come conveniently packaged in sturdy, attractive folders, and provide everything you need for differentiated reading instruction, including:

  • Student activities at three levels - At-Risk, On-Grade, and Advanced
  • Six activities per level
  • Two objectives and essay tests per level (answer key included)
  • Two forms of alternate assessment per level
Classroom support materials include:
  • Chapter-by-chapter synopsis
  • Author's life and work
  • Selected works and related reading
  • Timeline
  • Literary terms and applications
  • Post-reading activities and research
  • Coordinated classroom aids
  • Objectives by skill level
  • Skill development in such areas as analysis, art, composition, discussion, grammar, research, listening, map-reading, reading comprehension, speaking, theme application, thinking, and vocabulary
Reproducible student activity sheets include:
  • Pre-reading exercises
  • Text review
  • Skill-building with vocabulary
  • Writing practice
  • Summarizing
  • Analyzing settings and events
  • Collecting data
  • Understanding elements of literature
  • Literary analysis
  • Comprehension
  • Modeling
  • Predicting
  • Evaluating
  • Analogies