Library Free Services

Free Order Typing Services

Don't have time to type up your order? Simply send your list to us via fax or mail with any Perma-Bound catalog or brochure page(s) with our six-digit order numbers indicating which titles you've selected along with our typing service form (PDF) and we'll type your order for you! In 2 to 3 days, a hard copy will be mailed to you.

Mail to:

Perma-Bound, Attn: Typing Service Dept.
617 East Vandalia Rd. Jacksonville, IL 62650

Or Fax: +1 800 551-1169.

Free Collection Development

Our on-staff librarians and curriculum specialists are eager to help you build your order. Submit a request for a professional bibliography by mail, fax (+1 877 311-7111), or email Or you can complete the form online.

Click on the links below for a printable version of the request form you are interested in.

Thematic Booklists

Comprehensive Cataloging Services

Perma-Bound provides enhanced MARC records in MARC 21 format. You can receive your records via website download or email. We accommodate all circulation systems! Click here (PDF) to learn more.

We also provide catalog card kits that can be customized for your school or library. For additional options such as presorting, theft detection, and barcoding or for pricing information, click here.