South Dakota State Standards for Language Arts: Grade 5

Currently Perma-Bound only has suggested titles for grades K-8 in the Science and Social Studies areas. We are working on expanding this.

SD.5.R. Reading Standards

5.R.1. Students can recognize and analyze words.

5.R.1.1. Students can construct meaning by using word parts and categories. (Application)

5.R.1.2. Students can determine word meaning using prior knowledge and context clues. (Analysis)

R.5.2. Students can comprehend and fluently read text.

5.R.2.1. Students can utilize comprehension strategies while constructing meaning. (Application)

5.R.2.2. Students can apply fluency strategies to gain meaning from text. (Application)

R.5.3. Students can apply knowledge of text structures, literary devices, and literary elements to develop interpretations and form responses.

5.R.3.1. Students can distinguish literary genres based on characteristics, structures, and patterns. (Analysis)

5.R.3.2. Students can interpret literary elements of character, setting, plot, theme, point of view, and mood. (Evaluation)

5.R.3.3. Students can identify literary devices within text. (Application)

5.R.4. Students can interpret and respond to diverse, multicultural, and time period texts.

5.R.4.1. Students can examine and compare texts from various cultures, time periods, and geographical locations. (Analysis)

5.R.5. Students can access, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate informational texts.

5.R.5.1. Students can select information from two or more reference sources to meet a goal. (Analysis)

5.R.5.2. Students can identify the author's purpose in argumentative and persuasive text. (Knowledge)

5.R.5.3. Students can choose references to meet the needs of an assigned task. (Application)

SD.5.W. Writing Standards

5.W.1. Students can apply the writing process to compose text.

5.W.1.1. Students can compose narrative, and descriptive text of one paragraph. (Application)

5.W.1.2. Students can express ideas; reflect on personal thoughts, opinions, and observations; and respond to literature through writing. (Synthesis)

5.W.2. Students can apply Standard English conventions in their writing.

5.W.2.1. Students can punctuate and capitalize text including dialogue. (Application)

5.W.2.2. Students can identify and incorporate verbs in the writing process. (Synthesis)

SD.5.LVS. Listening, Viewing, Speaking Standards

5.LVS.1. Students can listen, view, and speak to communicate, retrieve, interpret, and evaluate information.

5.LVS.1.1. Students can identify the purpose and content of a presentation through listening and viewing. (Knowledge)

5.LVS.1.2. Students can explain the purpose and content of the presentation. (Comprehension)

5.LVS.1.3. Students can select and organize relevant information gathered through listening and viewing. (Application)

5.LVS.1.4. Students can deliver a narrative oral presentation. (Application)

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