The Lexile Framework® for Reading

The Lexile Framework® for Reading provides a common, developmental scale and measure to match readers with resources and activities that are targeted to their ability level. Lexile® measures help educators, librarians and families select books, articles and other materials that provide the right level of challenge for the reader's skills and goals, and to monitor growth in reading ability. More than 115,000 books and 80 million articles have Lexile measures, and the number of resources that have been measured continues to grow. Recognized as the most widely adopted reading metric, Lexile measures are used at the school level in all 50 states. Each year, more than 30 million Lexile measures are reported from reading assessments and programs, representing more than half of U.S. students.

Perma-Bound offers many Lexile-supported titles, which are designated by red text within search results, lists, and title detail pages.

Lexile® Codes

Sometimes a Lexile measure by itself is not enough information to choose a particular book for a particular reader. This why some books get Lexile codes-two-letter designations that appear before the Lexile measure (for example, AD580L).

The Lexile code gives you more information about a book that relates to its developmental appropriateness, reading difficulty, and common or intended usage. Word frequency and sentence length-the two text characteristics that determine a Lexile measure-do not describe all of the content of a book. Lexile codes provide some context to the numerical measure to further help you guide readers toward fruitful reading experiences.

The Lexile codes are:

Adult Directed
Illustrated Guide
Graphic Novel
Beginning Reading

Perma-Bound uses Lexile information that is provided to us directly from Metametics, the creator of the Lexile reading management. We continually receive updates from Metametrics and add this information to our titles. However, not all titles are evaluated by Metametrics and therefore do not have a Lexile reading level at this time.

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