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Based on the most popular titles for young adults, Perma-Guides to Literature are designed to extend your students' comprehension by bolstering thinking, analyzing, speaking, listening, viewing, and research skills. Check out the sections below for more information about our Perma-Guides, instructions for how to search for them, to browse all the titles, or to view our current special offer. Click the link below to search all of our Perma-Guides.

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Basic Perma-Guide Information:

Perma-Guides contain support material for teachers and worksheets for three levels of student comprehension, Grades 6-12.

Written by experienced classroom professionals, our newly redesigned Perma-Guides come conveniently packaged in sturdy, attractive folders, and provide everything you need for differentiated reading instruction, including:

Classroom support materials include:

Reproducible student activity sheets include:

Perma Guide for The Samurai's Tale
To view some samples of our exclusive Perma-Guide for The Samurai's Tale by Erik Christian Haugaaro, click on the image above.

Perma-Guides Cost:

Perma-Guides to Literature: $24.50 each ($30.67 Canada)

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