Game Learning

School subjects will come to life for your students in grades 4–8 with educational games from Game Learning, ABDO books and Perma-Bound!

Research shows game learning fosters deeper understanding while creating greater motivation to learn. Game Learning’s products go beyond mere dry facts and figures, using different play modes to support a variety of preferred learning styles while incorporating diverse in–game challenges and engaging students with witty modern–day dialog.

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Game Learning’s product features:

  • Early American History Pack includes 6 video games and 21 eBooks (ebooks available for game use only).
  • Games feature:
    • In-game assessments
    • Inquiry-based learning
    • Primary source images
  • Games are divided into 1 to 4 chapters, each 15–60 minutes long.
  • Curriculum features:
    • Teacher script to introduce games
    • Overview and chapter summaries
    • Exit tickets
    • Standards alignment

Game Learning: Easy & Safe to Implement in the Classroom

  • Low-tech software/hardware requirements. Play games on:
    • Chromebooks, Laptops, and Desktops
    • Web browsers
    • iPads (iOS v.9.3.5 and above)
  • Aligned with state and national History standards:
    • California and Texas (5th & 8th grade)
    • The National Council for the Social Studies (C3 Framework)
    • Approved by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
  • Games autosave every 3 minutes, giving educators flexibility and control in scheduling.
  • Single sign–ons include: Eduappcenter, Google, Clever, Microsoft and Classlink.
  • Games Work on all LMS systems: Google Classroom, Schoology, Blackboard, and Canvas.
  • Teacher dashboard with student analytics and leaderboards show how students are progressing & who’s winning.
  • COPPA/privacy compliance:
    • No in-game messaging capabilities
    • Students cannot play in the same game together, but they can play next to each other to ensure collaborative learning