Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Perma-Bound is proud to offer multiple interactive white board-compatible items, including those from ABDO and Picture Window Books. Click here to view all of our products that are designed for use on interactive white boards, or check out the various publishers' offerings below.

Great for Hands-On Learners

The whiteboard's tools and features provide a means for students to interact with their classmates and the course material. Students can come up and point out the words in front of their classmates, using the whiteboard or dry-erase markers to find key words or perform on-screen math problems. These interactions, movements, and activities engage tactile learners, increasing comprehension and participation.

More than just a dry-erase board!

Often, whiteboards are purchased for classrooms and libraries with the best of intentions, but wind up being used primarily as dry-erase boards when compatible items are unavailable. Perma-Bound solves this problem, offering whiteboard-compatible products that enable those devices to live up to their full potential!

The New Big Book

Unlock the possibilities and lock in your students' interest, all with one product! The new activities are perfect for beginning readers, and for in-class sit-down read-alongs. You can load the interactive whiteboard activity CD into your computer and display it as an interactive big book that's as big as your whiteboard will allow. The whiteboard's built-in functions let you unlock endless possibilities for in-class instruction.

Benefits for ELL and ESL Students

These interactive whiteboard activities can help you engage ELL and ESL students as well. Language learners can follow along in their own print books while they watch you point out the words on the board, use the whiteboard markers to underline and highlight certain terms or words, and even use the interactive whiteboard activity's built-in text-to-speech function to help sound out the words, if applicable.

abdo digital

Abdo Digital is your online source for learning! Abdo Digital offers more than 3,500 Ebooks and 70 interactive books, accredited for use with SMART Boards. Abdo Ebooks feature innovative interactivity that allows for bookmarks, table of contents and thumbnail access, “page-turning,” and more features that provide an easy, intuitive reading experience for young readers. Abdo Digital offers secure hosting that allows unlimited simultaneous access from any location.

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Capstone Press

The most accessible and appealing nonfiction books available.

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Gareth Stevens Publishing

Look to Gareth Stevens Publishing for top-quality books for early learners and cutting-edge, curriculum-aligned series for students in the middle grades and higher.

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Heinemann-Raintree Publishers

Heinemann-Raintree Publishers offers the best in nonfiction from PreK-Secondary grades. Our mission is to provide accurate content that can be trusted and inspires all readers. Heinemann-Raintree is owned by Capstone.

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Lerner Publishing Group

Founded in 1959, Lerner Publishing Group is one of the country's largest family-owned children's book publishers, publishing critically acclaimed, top-quality children's books that meet the educational needs of K-12 school libraries and public libraries.

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Picture Window Books

Informational Picture Books and Readers Ages 4-11, Grades PreK-4; Great Art, Great Reads, Great Reviews

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Rosen Publishing

High-quality nonfiction books in the areas of Science, Social Studies, Math, and Guidance for Grades K-12.

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Rourke Publishing

Rourke Publishing is a children's nonfiction book publisher specializing in high interest and curriculum related content for grades K-8.

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Stone Arch Books

Stone Arch Books publishes safe fiction in graphic novel and chapter formats for struggling and reluctant readers ages 8-14.

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Technology Grants and Funding Available

If you don't have the available funds in your budget, and don't want to take money away from your print book purchases, don't worry--these products are Smart Board/Whiteboard approved, and therefore can be purchased with technology grant and funding sources.