Uncomfortable Minds: Poems
Uncomfortable Minds: Poems
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Annotation: "Uncomfortable minds" is Larry's Sorkin's riff on poet e.e. cummings ' words, "Cambridge ladies who...are unbeautiful an... more
Catalog Number: #6681149
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mango
Copyright Date: 2021
Edition Date: 2021
Pages: 100
Availability: Available
ISBN: 1-642-50525-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-642-50525-2
Dewey: 811
Language: English
Reading Level: 6.0
Interest Level: 9+
He poses wilted roses in hand to be Husband to his wife, been trying on that persona for years though rarely fools himself let alone the lovely woman who humors his attempts. He puts on the requisite uniform of Businessman and steps into an office where staff pretendthey know him as he struts, issues orders, puts on a serious face before declaring an important meeting and goes home for a nap. Surely,in the privacy of his room, he can convince himself it's not an act, then dreams of becoming a RedTailed Hawk's drift and callover undulating hills. He's January Rain, plunging through freezing air, then ice that shatters, melts and seeps into dirt. Awake, buoyed, he can be Anything, Anyone. In his garage, he decides to impersonate Small Engine Mechanic--isn't every man born skilled in such? Chainsaw seeing through his ruse refuses to start.

Excerpted from Uncomfortable Minds: Poems by Larry Sorkin
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"Uncomfortable minds" is Larry's Sorkin's riff on poet e.e. cummings ' words, "Cambridge ladies who...are unbeautiful and have comfortable mind" which refer to the conceit that uncomfortable minds are universal to all human beings. Larry Sorkin's collection of poems--sometimes joyful, sometimes elegiac--explore the idea of the restless, uncomfortable state as either something we can run from, try to fix, or embrace. Each poem in the collection explores some disturbance in the psyche, with poetry as a way to confront the disturbance, use it, embrace it.

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