The Bands of Bravery
The Bands of Bravery
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Series: Knights Club Vol. 1   

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Annotation: This middle grade graphic novel series makes YOU the valiant hero of a fantasy quest—pick your panel, find items, gain a... more
Catalog Number: #6524040
Format: Paperback
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Special Formats: Graphic Novel Graphic Novel
Publisher: Quirk
Copyright Date: 2018
Edition Date: 2018
Pages: 184
Availability: Available
ISBN: 1-683-69055-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-683-69055-9
Dewey: Fic
Language: English
Kirkus Reviews
Translated from the French, this "choose your own adventure" graphic novel follows three boys on their way to knighthood.Sick of their boring lives, three hopeful boys set out on a journey to sign up for Knights School. King Louis the Little allows anyone to try for knighthood, but before the aspiring heroes earn the title of Knights of the Royal Order, they must first pass a test of courage. Within five days, each aspirant must collect the bracelets of bravery scattered throughout the kingdom. This reader-driven graphic novel takes readers on a dizzying quest through swamps, over a mountain, and across the countryside. Readers choose from three archetypes to play: a bookworm, a lumberjack, and an acrobat. Each has different starting ability scores, which determine how many items they can carry and what weapons they can use. All three of the character choices are white, but, then again, so is seemingly every other character in the kingdom. The book includes pages of blank quest trackers for recording character statistics, items, gold, knights, and bravery bracelets. Numbers mark the trail from panel to panel through the book. While many of the numbers appear in the background of the panel, sometimes characters instruct readers which panel to go to next, killing the story's immersion.Creative mechanics don't make up for characters without depth or diversity. (Graphic fantasy/novelty. 7-12)
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Kirkus Reviews
Reading Level: 3.0
Interest Level: 3-6
Lexile: GN540L

This middle grade graphic novel series makes YOU the valiant hero of a fantasy quest—pick your panel, find items, gain abilities, solve puzzles, and play through new storylines again and again!

Magic, adventure, and triumphant battles await you in this graphic novel that plays just like a role-playing game. Choose to play as one of three brothers eager to join the Royal Order of Knights, and keep track of your hit points, abilities, and inventory on a handy adventure tracker sheet—then set off on your quest! The road to knighthood is a long one: you will journey through snowy mountains, haunted lakes, and dark forests in search of the bracelets of bravery, facing down trolls, wizards, and fellow warriors along the way. You will solve riddles, discover hidden compartments, learn combat techniques, and gather magical objects. With the analog fun of a tabletop game and the classic elements of a fantasy video game, you'll pick your own paths and forge your own knighthood in this irresistible comic book.

• Select your character and begin your quest.
• Numbers are hidden in every panel. Decide where you want to go next, and then flip to the panel with the matching number.
• Solve puzzles and collect bravery bracelets in your quest for success. 
• If you fail your mission, just start again from the beginning! You can play the book again and again, making different choices every time. 

Remember, this is no ordinary comic book—what happens next is up to you!

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