I Spy the Illuminati Eye: What's the Big Secret?
I Spy the Illuminati Eye: What's the Big Secret?
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Annotation: This irreverent, illustrated guide takes a look with an all-seeing, skeptical eye at the history and mystery of the cultural phenomenon that's got middle-school kids flashing finger triangles and scrutinizing dollar bills for signs of the Illuminati.
Genre: Government
Catalog Number: #6510803
Format: Paperback
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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright Date: 2018
Edition Date: 2018
Pages: 111 pages
Availability: Available
ISBN: 1-524-78793-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-524-78793-6
Dewey: 366
LCCN: 2018016071
Dimensions: 19 cm.
Language: English
ALA Booklist
So what's so special about the Order of the Illuminati? Keenan takes a lighthearted look at the secret society believed by some to be the force behind a number of conspiracies. The order was founded in the eighteenth century as part of the Enlightenment movement, which sought to shed light on the truth and disdain falsehoods and superstition. The already established Freemasons welcomed the Enlightenment as well, although the disapproval of their beliefs caused them to keep everything a secret, leading them to be a prime source of recruitment for the Illuminati. Keenan also describes other secret societies, some of which still exist, and gently debunks many of the beliefs of conspiracy theorists. She points out, for instance, that the original Bavarian Illuminati lasted only 11 years and much of the symbolism attributed to them rose from Freemasonry. Keenan presents her information in chunks adorned with big, bold headers; colorful and contrasting typefaces; and amusing illustrations. For skeptics and conspiracy theorists alike.
Kirkus Reviews
This tongue-in-cheek look at the Illuminati leaves more questions than answers. Of course, that's the way they like it.Secret codes and cryptography are always fascinating, but Keenan's examination of the supposedly current secret society is a jumble of information told in a sarcastic tone that falls flat. The book starts out well enough, with a brief discussion of the brain and a look at how humans are hard-wired to make connections between seemingly unrelated things, which leads to conspiracy theories. It also summarizes the creation of the original Order of the Illuminati and its Bavarian founder, Adam Weishaupt. From there, readers learn a little about the Templars, a little about the Freemasons, and a little about other secret societies. The book, like most good conspiracy theories, is quick to jump from interesting point to interesting point, but it's light on evidence along the way. Statements are presented to the reader as facts, but there's no way to know how Keenan came to these conclusions. For example, while discussing the New World Order, the book states that nearly 1/3 of American voters believe that the Order is "the global takeover by a secret government formed by the Illuminati and maybe aliens"; the part about the aliens is rescinded in the next paragraph, but there is no source for the part that is presented as fact. Keenan frequently alludes to "countless" websites, books, and videos but provides no backmatter for further reading or reference. Skip. (Nonfiction. 9-12)
School Library Journal
Gr 6 Up This pocket-size illustrated guide takes preconceived notions of the Illuminati, paired with historical facts about Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the group; the Freemasons; and modern-day pop cultureand turns it on its head. While extremely informative, Keenan's sarcasm and skepticism isn't missed and it leads to a quick and fun read about a group that has baffled even advanced historians. This guide is jam-packed with information, and bright colorful artwork and witty captions make it appealing to readers looking for a few quick pieces of information. This is a fresh pick for students who would otherwise be deterred by denser histories. It concludes with a section that encourages young people to read carefully, to fact-check news, media sources, and copyright information, and to use common sense while researchingall completely in line with what school librarians are teaching daily. VERDICT Recommended for purchase in larger libraries where students casually read nonfiction or where librarians have success hand-selling titles. Stephanie Wilkes, Good Hope Middle School, West Monroe, LA
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ALA Booklist (12/1/18)
Kirkus Reviews
School Library Journal (12/1/18)
Reading Level: 3.0
Interest Level: 3-6
Lexile: 900L

Enlighten yourself with this fun guide to the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing secret society.

This irreverent, illustrated guide takes a look with an all-seeing, skeptical eye at the history and mystery of the cultural phenomenon that's got middle-school kids flashing finger triangles and scrutinizing dollar bills for signs of the Illuminati. It's the first pop culture companion to the shadowy group behind everything from the French Revolution to Jay-Z's fabulous rise. How did an eighteenth-century philosophical society infiltrate governments, banks, the media, the military, Hollywood, and hip-hop? . . . Or did they?

Kids everywhere want to know who's in, who's not, and what all those signs, symbols, and secret rituals are really about.

Is it all really real? Find out in this fun guide to all things illuminati.

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