The Suburb Beyond the Stars
The Suburb Beyond the Stars
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Annotation: Friends Brian and Gregory have survived the Game of Sunken Places, but are once again drawn back to cousin Prudence's house in Vermont, where they discover that something has gone very wrong with time, people have disappeared, and danger is lurking everywhere.
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Copyright Date: 2010
Edition Date: 2010
Pages: 223 pages
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ALA Booklist
Anderson returns to the fantasy-horror of The Game of Sunken Places (2004), in which best friends Brian and Gregory got embroiled in an ancient feud between two otherworldly civilizations in the woods of Vermont. Now, the landscape where they played out the interdimensional game has succumbed to a horrifying fate: subdivision. Anderson's too clever to let the story stray far into a rote condemnation of suburban sprawl, but there is a definite subtext of gentrified blandification at work just a scratch or two beneath the deadpan creepiness and even deadlier spikes of humor. The boys' adventure, battling off some creatively terrifying baddies as the Thusser horde prepares the world for domination and destruction, mostly sets up the next installment. Still, it's a funny and eerie tale told with impeccable writing, and at minimum, kids will come away a bit smarter just for having read it. Leave it to Anderson to toss around descriptors like hirsute and mucilaginous in middle-grade fiction.
Horn Book
Gregory and Brian (The Game of Sunken Places) become involved in a dispute between two tribes of elfin creatures. Their mission takes them to a creepy suburb in Vermont, where people are being swallowed into the walls of their houses and the fate of the world is at stake. Like a good horror flick, the story is both disgusting and entertaining.
Kirkus Reviews
The lads who played and won the deadly Game of Sunken Places (2004) discover that the powerful alien Thusser are back to conquer Earth—and this time they're Cheating. Brian and Gregory arrive in the seemingly ordinary town of Gerenford, Vt., to find that Gregory's intrepid cousin Prudence has been snatched, her house is growing cat hair on its inner walls and the local woods have all been replaced with tract housing inhabited by weirdly dazed suburbanites. Plainly, all is not right. Trotting in tough new monsters to go with some met in the previous episode, the author pitches his protagonists into what soon becomes a desperate running battle that takes them (and a friendly, if talkative, giant armored troll) deep underground to a climactic face-off with the scary and multi-tentacled Gelt the Winnower. Leaving the trio plunging through an interdimensional gateway in search of help for humanity, Anderson dishes up another strange, exhausting and masterful tale—with at least a promise of further sequels. (Fantasy. 11-13)
School Library Journal
Gr 6&11;9&12; This sequel to The Game of Sunken Places (Scholastic, 2004) rejoins best friends Brian and Gregory after the supernatural Game has concluded. As winner, Brian is in charge of planning the next one, where two humans will compete to resolve the next round in the conflict between the elflike Thusser and Norumbregans. However, when monsters begin to stalk Brian and the friends learn that Gregory&9;s cousin Prudence has disappeared, they realize that the Thusser are trying to change the rules and challenge the Norumbregans directly. The boys travel to Prudence&9;s home and discover a supernatural neighborhood that is being invaded by monsters, and it&9;s up to them to save the day. The conclusion sets the stage for another installment. Anderson&9;s fans will know to expect plenty of action, loads of story twists, and a touch of humor, and new readers will be able to follow and enjoy the story. Brian&9;s relationship with Gregory is a realistic friendship in transition, showing how the boys continue to grow and mature. This is a fun and gripping read, with action, suspense, and creepy monsters that will keep readers up late&12;and make them want to keep the lights on.&12; Beth L. Meister, Milwaukee Jewish Day School, WI
Word Count: 46,538
Reading Level: 4.4
Interest Level: 4-7
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 4.4 / points: 7.0 / quiz: 137695 / grade: Middle Grades
Reading Counts!: reading level:3.5 / points:11.0 / quiz:Q49433
Lexile: 620L

The fun and fantasy continue with bestselling and award-winning author M. T. Anderson.

You haven't seen strange until you've seen what Brian and Gregory are up against....
Something incredibly strange is happening. It's not The Game of Sunken Places-Brian and Gregory have been through that before. But still...strange creatures have begun to chase after them. And Gregory's adventurous cousin Prudence has disappeared.
When Brian and Gregory go to the Vermont woods to track down Prudence, they find many things People are not where they're supposed to be. Time has stopped working properly.

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