The Big Angry Roar
The Big Angry Roar
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Annotation: Struggling with frustration after a disagreement with his little sister, Cub learns from his friend Zebra how other animals express their anger and follows Baboon's helpful example to work through his strong emotions.
Genre: [Animal fiction]
Catalog Number: #185008
Format: Publisher's Hardcover
Copyright Date: 2019
Edition Date: 2018
Pages: 32
Availability: Available
ISBN: 1-680-10129-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-680-10129-4
Dewey: E
Dimensions: 29 cm.
Language: English
Kirkus Reviews
When Cub is blamed for a squabble that his little sister instigates, the little lion then navigates a variety of anger-management techniques suggested by the savanna community.Gnu recommends "stamping and stomping," which only leads the angry Cub to hurt his paw on a stone. Rhino proposes bashing and crashing, while Hippo advocates splattering and splashing, which only makes Cub smelly and stinky. Now he is even more irate and gets in a loud, raucous argument with Elephant, which then initiates a huge "STAMPEDE!" When things settle down, gray-whiskered Baboon commiserates with Cub's feelings and offers the most effective method to let out one's anger. "First, breathe deeply in and out, and slowly count to 10. / Make a bunch of funny faces, then start all over again!" Mindful awareness inspires an apology, much to the visible delight of papa Lion. Soft-toned digital art against an expanse of stark white space presents a vibrant view of the range of young and old wildlife trying to solve a problem—though it is humanity's lesson in simple humility, offered by a wise elder with a plausible and comforting solution, that effortlessly prevails. In this French import, the clean, minimal storytelling with sincere dialogue has much to say about emotions and reactions. Subtle and effective, with a touch of drama to prove a point. (Picture book. 3-6)
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1 In this story, a lion cub feels he has been unjustly disciplined by his father for squashing his younger sister. He stomps off in anger, running into a variety of African animals that offer him advice on handling his anger. But Cub is so angry, he can't really appreciate the suggestions of gnu, zebra, rhino, or hippo. When Cub runs smack into a young elephant's bottom, Elephant gets angry too, leading each animal to escalate tensions through a roaring (by Cub) and tooting (by Elephant) match. The two young animals start a stampede with their shenanigans, and it is up to wise Baboon, who has seen it all, to teach Cub how to get over his angerby taking a deep breath, counting to 10, and being silly. Eventually Cub realizes he has been unreasonable and apologizes to his little sister. Lambert's illustrations are reminiscent of Eric Carle'sclean, white backgrounds set off animal creatures that are created by large swatches of modulated color, except Lambert's animal faces are perhaps even more expressive and on some pages the designs are more complicated. VERDICT Lambert's illustrations are smashing, and the story will be perfect to read to young children to show them how to get beyond their angry feelings. Sally James, South Hillsborough Elementary School, Hillsborough, CA
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Kirkus Reviews
School Library Journal (3/1/19)
Reading Level: 1.0
Interest Level: P-K
Lexile: AD500L

Cub and his little sister are fighting, and Cub gets in trouble with Dad. Cub walks off angrily and sees Zebra, who tells him that zebras stamp and stomp when they’re angry. Hippo explains that hippos crash and splash to get the anger out. Still upset, Cub runs into Elephant and causes even more trouble. Maybe Baboon can help.... The perfect story for any child experiencing anger and learning how to handle those feelings.

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