The Dead Queens Club
The Dead Queens Club
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Annotation: At Lancaster High, where Henry, the popular homecoming king, seems to resemble hhis namesake, King Henry VIII, a little too closely, being homecoming queen can be a killer--and one of his girlfriends wants to find out why.
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Publisher: Harlequin
Copyright Date: 2019
Edition Date: 2019
Pages: 455 pages
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ISBN: 1-335-54223-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-335-54223-6
Dewey: Fic
Dimensions: 22 cm.
Language: English
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When Annie Marck, aka Cleveland, aka Cleves, first met Henry, he was a future politician sickeningly in love with his longtime girlfriend, Lina. Fast-forward almost two years, and Henry's on girlfriend number six, uptight newspaper maven Cat Parr, and everything's been blown, somewhat literally, to hell. Girlfriend five was life-of-the-party Katie Howard; four was, well, Cleves; and three was seriously basic Jane Seymour. And number two? That was Anna Boleyn, the girl who broke up Henry and Lina. The girl everyone hates. The girl who blew up a building d herself en things went south. While they're with Henry, these girls are queens. But now two of them are dead. And Cleves is going to find out why. Clever nods to English history are woven throughout this teen drama. It's difficult to work sixteenth-century motivations into a contemporary story line, but Capin mostly manages to create a crafty, compelling debut. Moments where it slips into melodrama are forgivable ese are Tudors, after all. A gripping, history-based mystery that finds its footing among a group of determined, very different girls.
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The scandals of 16th-century English royalty pale next to the political drama of 21st-century high school students in this fictionalized version of Lancaster, Indiana.Annie Marck, aka Cleves (so called because she's from Cleveland), and homecoming king Henry are BFFs (who dated for 15 days, making her girlfriend No. 4) and adrenaline junkies who have decided to embark on the ultimate senior year. Henry's dating history isn't without its setbacks. First, girlfriend No. 2, Anna Boleyn, died while allegedly trying to kill him; later, Katie Howard (No. 5 and Anna's cousin) dies after Henry discovers she's been cheating with football player Tom Culpeper. Cleves has a hard time believing he's a murderer, but the evidence is piling up. Like his historical counterpart, Henry lives by a code of double standards, especially when it comes to cheating and number of girlfriends (six in two years). Also like Henry VIII, shallow and self-absorbed high school Henry isn't easy to love. Witty narrator Cleves is a feminist force, lambasting slut-shaming and calling out her female classmates' internalized misogyny. Readers who like mapping real-life figures onto fictional counterparts will read with Wikipedia open. Cleves was adopted from China and her sister from Malawi; otherwise, whiteness is assumed.So much fun. (Fiction. 13-adult)
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Starred Review for Kirkus Reviews
ALA Booklist (11/1/18)
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Reading Level: 7.0
Interest Level: 7-12

If your school’s homecoming king had a little too much in common with Henry VIII, would you survive with your head still attached?

You’d think being the new girl in a tiny town would equal one very boring senior year. But if you’re me—Annie Marck, alias Cleves—and you accidentally transform into teenage royalty by entering Lancaster High on the arm of the king himself? Life becomes the exact opposite of boring.

Henry has it all: he’s the jock, the genius and the brooding bad boy all in one. Which sort of explains why he’s on his sixth girlfriend in two years.

What it doesn’t explain is why two of them—two of us—are dead.

My best friend thinks it’s Henry’s fault, which is obviously ridiculous. My nemesis says we shouldn’t talk about it, which is straight-up sketchy. But as the resident nosy new girl, I’m determined to find out what really happened to Lancaster’s dead queens…ideally before history repeats itself.

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