The Problim Children
The Problim Children
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Annotation: Seven siblings are forced by the destruction of their swamp bungalow to move into their grandpa's mansion--but their greedy new neighbors plot to steal their secrets and place them in homes far away from each other.
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Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Publisher: HarperCollins
Copyright Date: 2018
Edition Date: 2018
Pages: 285 pages
Availability: Available
ISBN: 0-06-242820-9
ISBN 13: 978-0-06-242820-2
Dewey: Fic
Dimensions: 22 cm.
Language: English
Horn Book
After the seven quirky Problim siblings--looking out for themselves while their parents are on an archaeological expedition (they think)--accidentally blow up their house, they move to their missing grandfather's home in nearby Lost Cove. The whimsy factor and bathroom humor are high in this lighthearted novel. Numerous subplots and well-developed secondary characters keep the story moving without overwhelming the Problims' family-centered mystery.
Kirkus Reviews
When the Swampy Woods home of seven siblings is utterly destroyed, the children move to House Number Seven in Lost Cove—and neighbor Desdemona O'pinion tries her hardest to malign, evict, and separate the children.Both text and illustrations offer a nod to Roald Dahl's quirky, juvenile heroes and equally quirky, nasty villains. The distinctive flavor comes both from Lloyd's witty but succinct word mastery and from her unflagging imagination. Each of the titular children was born on a different day of the week, with a name and a personality or appearance that—arguably—parallels the old nursery rhyme "Monday's child is fair of face." Here Monday's child is the lovely but subversive Mona. Tuesday's child baby Toot's "grace" is apparently his ability to communicate with highly specialized farts, while Thea—Thursday's child—moves slowly toward self-confidence during the generally madcap adventure. The story begins with the children gratefully unscathed after their home suddenly blows up and continues with their move to town, where their combined warmth, cooperation, and ingenuity enable them to charm everyone but evil Desdemona. There are ongoing, mysterious discoveries before it concludes with a temporary reprieve on eviction—but plenty of aperture for the next adventure in the series. The family is white; secondary characters include one blind girl and another who is "allergic to air" as well as neighbors of varied ethnicities. Among other novelties, readers will meet circus spiders and revel in "heartspeak."A promising, lighthearted beginning. (Fantasy. 8-12)
Publishers Weekly
Seven gifted Problim siblings, each born on a different day of the week, offer an irreverent and delightful twist on the -Monday-s Child- nursery rhyme in this series launch from Lloyd (The Key to Extraordinary). Among them are 13-year-old gardener Sal, a hardworking -Saturday-s child- who grows everything from people-trapping -Wrangling Ivy- to seeping fog; rambunctious -Friday-s child- Friday, who wears a fox costume and speaks in rhyme; and baby Toot, who communicates via different types of flatulence (defined in footnotes). After the children-s home in the Swampy Woods unexpectedly explodes--Explosions are nature-s way of telling us to start over,- says ever-cheerful 16-year-old Sundae Problim-the siblings relocate to their grandfather-s mansion in the town of Lost Grove, where they become embroiled in a longstanding feud with the villainous Desdemona O-pinion. Family secrets and a fear of the other drive Lloyd-s plot, and the children-s varied talents and humorous antics will leave readers eager to dive into their future exploits. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 8-12. Author-s agent: Suzie Townsend, New Leaf Literary. Illustrator-s agent: Rebecca Sherman, Writers House. (Feb.)

School Library Journal
Gr 36 Lloyd ( A Snicker of Magic and Key to Extraordinary ) pens a new series. The Problims are a perfect seven: one child for each day of the week. From the infantile Toot (his lack of vocabulary does not prevent him from communicating in the most amusing and odiferous manner) to the nearly grown Sundae, the Problims have found themselves in need of new lodging. Chasing a riddle from their peculiar grandfather, the Problims reclaim his home in town, though the neighbors aren't particularly thrilled to see the Problims return. With rumors of treasure, exceptionally nosy neighbors, and the twins Thea and Wendell's birthdays to plan, the siblings have their work cut out for them. This first installment introduces the family while focusing deeply on the twins' relationship and their individual identities. Lloyd's warm and playful writing shines here. While the large, quirky family story feels familiar, the Problims' problems are their own. Readers will enjoy unravelling this first bit of familial mystery with them. When the tale is done, readers may feel gently let down, as not much is resolved in this first outing. However, future Problim adventures will likely be requested and devoured. VERDICT A general purchase and a must where Lloyd's previous works are popular. Taylor Worley, Springfield Public Library, OR
Starred Review ALA Booklist
*Starred Review* From the author of the bestselling A Snicker of Magic (2014) comes the first in a new series set on the Carolina coast and about the Problim siblings. While their parents pursue far-off archaeological adventures, the seven Problim children ch born on a different day of the week and gifted with special capabilities bestowed by the day ok out for one another. When their house in the Swampy Woods explodes, they make a triumphant return to the Problim family home in Lost Cove, much to the chagrin of its inhabitants, especially the dastardly Desdemona O'pinion, who has been eyeing the manse for herself. They have 21 days to prove their identity as rightful heirs or beckon their parents back to stay, lest they face separation per orders of the Society of Protection for Unwanted Children. With her trademark charm and heavy doses of whimsy, Lloyd spins another heart-warming yarn centered on friendship and family. The seven siblings are distinct and memorable, perhaps none quite as much as the baby Toot, whose farts, cataloged in detail, act as a sort of sensory mood ring, if you will. Charming illustrations, humor, mystery, dueling families, riddles heck, even a treasure ctor into this adventure, providing plenty of fodder for subsequent titles. Lloyd's fanbase is certain to embrace her delightful new series.
Word Count: 46,001
Reading Level: 4.4
Interest Level: 4-7
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 4.4 / points: 7.0 / quiz: 193868 / grade: Middle Grades
Reading Counts!: reading level:3.4 / points:11.0 / quiz:Q72593
Lexile: 610L

With a dash of Lemony Snicket, a dollop of the Addams Family, and a hearty dose of adventure, New York Times bestselling author Natalie Lloyd introduces a new series about seven strange and adventurous siblings who tackle problems together—even when their new neighbors try to tear them apart.

Filled with mystery, humor, and adventure, the first book in this new trilogy is an unforgettable tale of adventure, family, and finding the courage to face any problem heart-first.

When the Problim children’s ramshackle bungalow in the Swampy Woods goes kaboom, the seven siblings—each born on a different day of the week—have to move into their grandpa’s bizarre old mansion in Lost Cove. No problem! For the Problim children, every problem is a gift!

But rumors about their family run rampant in the small town: tales of a bitter feud, a hidden treasure, and a certain kind of magic lingering in the halls of #7 Main Street. Their neighbors, the O’Pinions, will do anything to find the secrets lurking inside the Problim household—including sending the seven children to seven different houses on seven different continents!

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