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Annotation: When Lucy insists she does not need a nap before accompanying her dad on errands she discovers that she is more tired than she realizes.
Catalog Number: #141377
Format: Perma-Bound Edition from Publisher's Hardcover
All Formats: Search
Copyright Date: 2017
Edition Date: 2017
Pages: 40
Availability: Available
ISBN: Publisher: 0-385-75483-3 Perma-Bound: 0-605-97805-0
ISBN 13: Publisher: 978-0-385-75483-5 Perma-Bound: 978-0-605-97805-8
Dewey: E
Dimensions: 26 cm.
Language: English
ALA Booklist
"It seemed that nobody listened to Lucy when she said, I'm not tired.'" Alone in her darkened room during the daytime, Lucy concludes that there has to be a mistake. Lucy proudly announces to her dad, "I'm not tiiiiired!" once naptime is over. The two run to the grocery store, but now Lucy is running on pure adrenaline. While Lucy insists that she's "not tired," a series of mishaps unfold. Suddenly, the lights and noise hit her, and no longer able to keep it together, she lets out a wail. "It was a NAPTASTROPHE!" d that is just the beginning. Krosoczka takes a true-to-life situation and turns it into an uproariously funny tale. Personified bunnies are arranged within scenes that are all too familiar for parents with reluctant nappers. Krosoczka captures the maddening tension that builds between Lucy and her dad as she fights sleep. The simple narrative is in pleasant contrast to the scenes packed with detail. A fun lap-time read, though it may resonate more with parents than children.
Horn Book
Because Lucy refuses to surrender to naptime, a candy-related meltdown in the grocery store ("We'll just get a few," Lucy says; Daddy says, "No") escalates into a "naptastrophe!" At the end of the day, Lucy falls asleep face-first in her dinner. The human stand-in bunnies are depicted in familiar parent-child situations. The illustrations effectively convey Lucy's sleep-deprived mood swings.
Kirkus Reviews
A little bunny proves she doesn't always know best when it comes to naptime.Lucy refuses to nap during the day. Why would she? It's light outside, and she's missing time to play with her toys. In fact, they just might be having a dance party without her. She staunchly declares, "I'm not tired!" After remaining awake through naptime, she and her dad take a trip to the grocery store. At every turn (even on a banana phone in the produce aisle) Lucy never misses a chance to remind her dad, "Not tired." But her face and actions testify otherwise. Poor Lucy fights yawns and drooping lids while struggling to stay alert. In the checkout line, when her request for candy is denied, she can't take it anymore. Fists clench, knees shake, and rage radiates—it's a naptastrophe! Krosoczka's reds, oranges, and yellows pulsate with the heat of the tantrum. Her daddy, with Lucy's foot in his face as he scoops her up in an effort to leave as quickly as possible, is a picture of pure parental resignation—and Lucy's faceplant in her mac and cheese at dinnertime will elicit chuckles. For all its artfulness, however, it's still a pretty familiar tale. The only truly distinctive twist on this oft-told tale is the title, but humorously naming a meltdown just may make it palatable enough (for parent and child alike). (Picture book. 2-5)
Publishers Weekly
Naptime is so unnecessary. And unfair. Lucy, a small rabbit, - herself in her room. With the lights off. During the daytime.- Her cry of -I-m not tired!- goes unanswered, and she sticks to that story during a trip to the store with Daddy after she is finally liberated from the jail formed by the safety rails on her bed. But as all parents know, something has to give: Lucy has a meltdown in the checkout line (an event that actually resembles a nuclear blast), then conks out at the dinner table, her head plopping into her mac -n- cheese. Despite Lucy-s sleep-deprived implosion, Krosoczka (It-s Tough to Lose Your Balloon) may not win over many converts to the joys of napping: like Lucy, more readers probably see naptime as a cross between solitary confinement and FOMO (-Her toys probably missed her. But what if they didn-t?-). But his empathy for his stubborn heroine is never in doubt, and readers will sense that even when Lucy suffers the consequences, she gave it her all. Ages 3-7. Agent: Rebecca Sherman, Writers House. (May)

School Library Journal
PreS-K&12;No one believes Lucy when she says she is NOT TIRED. She does not need a nap. She has toys to play with and things to do. It is just not fair. Adults don't listen. Finally, Lucy's father takes her to the grocery store with him. She reminds him several times that she is NOT TIRED, as she clumsily knocks over store displays, bumps other shoppers, and demands candy. Finally, Lucy explodes into a "naptastrophe." She flaps her arms, hollers, and lies on the floor. It is time to leave. By the time Lucy and her father reach home, Lucy falls asleep at the dinner table, and her father carries her upstairs for a much-needed rest. This is a funny story with no surprises. Parents and children will recognize themselves and their own frustrations. The illustrations are large, colorful, and humorous, with the characters portrayed by bunnies. Pictures express Lucy's exasperation with her father and his decisions through adept facial expressions. The text is simple, but the size and boldness of the fonts add more emotion. VERDICT A delightful tale that would work in a storytime but might be best shared one-on-one if the subject hits too close to home.&12;Mary Hazelton, formerly at Warren &; Waldoboro Elementary Schools, ME
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ALA Booklist (5/1/17)
Horn Book (4/1/18)
Kirkus Reviews
Publishers Weekly
School Library Journal (3/1/17)
Word Count: 242
Reading Level: 1.5
Interest Level: P-2
Accelerated Reader: reading level: 1.5 / points: 0.5 / quiz: 502028 / grade: Lower Grades
Lexile: AD460L
Guided Reading Level: L

From the creator of Punk Farm and the acclaimed Lunch Lady graphic novel series comes a hilarious romp about one little girl’s insistence that she does NOT need a nap.
It’s a tale as old as time—naptime, that is.
Lucy is not tired, not tired, NOT tired.
She is not going to nap today.
Lucy is an expert at staying awake.
But when running errands with her dad, it’s suddenly way too LOUD. The lights in the store are way too bright.
It’s . . . a naptastrophe!
With vibrant, charming illustrations and a relatable main character, this hilarious story is the perfect reminder to parents and kids that you only miss out on the fun when you skip your nap!
Praise for Punk Farm:
“Never have ‘Old MacDonald’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ seemed so hip.” —NPR
“Laugh-out-loud funny. . . . Fans will definitely want a return engagement. Rock on!” —Kirkus, starred review

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