Little Wing Learns to Fly
Little Wing Learns to Fly
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Annotation: Litle Wing's mother is proud when her son finally flies for the first time, but he needs to follow three very important flying rules.
Catalog Number: #119249
Format: Publisher's Hardcover
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Publisher: HarperCollins
Copyright Date: 2016
Edition Date: 2016
Illustrator: Bell, Jennifer
Pages: 32
Availability: Available
ISBN: 0-06-236033-7
ISBN 13: 978-0-06-236033-5
Dewey: E
LCCN: 2015018470
Dimensions: 26 cm.
Language: English
Kirkus Reviews
A tiny dragon wants to fly—and picks up important life lessons as well.Little Wing is determined. Today will be the day to finally fly! But with wings fluttering and tiny legs pumping, it always ends the same way: "Flip. / Flap. / Flop…." Jumping from the top step? "Flip. / Flap. / Flop…." What about running down a hill for extra speed? "Flip. / Flap. / Flop…." But a dragon never gives up. Suddenly, at the most unexpected moment, Little Wing is "Flip! / Flap! / FLYING!" Little Wing's mama is proud, but she needs to impart three very important flying rules. Little Wing, however, is too excited to listen. The little tot flies too high (the opposite of the first rule), flies too far (the second), and flies off without Mama (the third). The tiny dragon is now in a dark forest, all alone. Bravado gone, and lip quivering, Little Wing is "Flip. / Flap. / Frightened!" Luckily, Mama is not far behind. Told in first person (first dragon?), Little Wing's journey from frustration to egocentric bluster to fear seems a bit linear and quick but is true to a toddler's sensibilities. Bell's digital illustrations (combining pencils, watercolors, and Photoshop) depict a bigheaded red dragonlet with tiny purple wings; Little Wing looks the opposite of aerodynamic, but that's part of the charm.Brill's tale tips the didactic scale, but the importance of rules needs to reach dragon-loving kids as well. (Picture book. 3-6)
Publishers Weekly
A friendly young dragon with a balloon-like head, serpentine tail, and small pink wings discovers the pleasures and perils of independence in this first picture book from graphic novel editor Brill. Determined to fly and well aware that -a dragon never gives up,- Little Wing practices liftoff daily, with the same futile results: -Flip. Flap. Flop.- When at last -Flop- is replaced by -Flutter- and Little Wing takes flight, his mother tries to make sure he knows the rules of flying-not to fly too high, too far, or without her-but Little Wing proposes a rule of his own: -A dragon never comes down!- Blown by the wind into a dark forest, Little Wing finds his excitement turning to fear, but luckily mama dragons -never give up- either. Brill gives her winged protagonist an enthusiastic personality and voice, and Bell (Rhoda-s Rock Hunt) creates an appealingly cozy fairy-tale landscape, particularly the thatched cottage the dragons share-even the darkened forest never gets too scary. A reassuring story, if not a boundary-pushing one. Ages 4-8. Illustrator-s agent: Justin Rucker, Shannon Associates. (June)

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Publishers Weekly
Kirkus Reviews
Reading Level: 1.0
Interest Level: P-2

No matter how hard Little Wing tries to fly, he always flops . . . until one day when his fluttering takes him above the clouds and far away—maybe too far away! Lost in the sky, Little Wing has to find his way home. But thanks to a special someone, he learns the importance of dragon rules. And with a helping wing to guide him, Little Wing can be flip, flop, fearless!

With Calista Brill’s sincere story and Jennifer A. Bell’s vibrant illustrations, Little Wing Learns to Fly is utterly convincing as a sweet coming-of-age tale. Fans of Finding Nemo and Giraffes Can’t Dance will love rooting for Little Wing as the little dragon that could.

Children and adults alike will get carried away on Little Wing’s journey home!

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