Where Do I Start?

Think of creating your new library just like you would plan a trip. You will need to consider all of the factors involved in completing a successful journey from start to finish–from the idea of a new library to the Opening Day celebration.

As you move down the road toward your destination, you must answer key questions:

  • What are your school's needs?
  • How will you make sure your new library is complete?
  • Who needs to be involved in planning your journey?

Identify anyone who needs to be involved in the planning of your new library– other librarians, district staff, administrators, teachers–and include them in the planning.

Need help from the start? Invite your Perma-Bound representative to participate in your discussions.

Your Perma-Bound representative has helped other schools work through the same issues you face today, and can help smooth the path for you as well. In fact your representative can act as a project manager, guiding your new library project through to a successful completion with minimal frustration and difficulty.

Need Help With Your Journey?

Perma-Bound can offer professional assistance to create a library that best meets the needs of your students, your teachers, and your library staff. With Perma-Bound, you have the resources and expertise to help maximize your budget and make sure there are no hidden surprises. You can access thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers and draw on an inventory of more than five million books to get the best fulfillment rate on your orders.

At Perma-Bound, we think planning and ordering books for your new library should be enjoyable–and with Perma-Bound, it will be surprisingly easy!

We're Here to Help!

The best way to successfully complete your journey is to create a roadmap. Years of experience have given Perma-Bound extensive knowledge of relevant issues, including:

  • Planning
  • Selection of book lists
  • Funding Sources
  • Processing
  • Collection Management Systems

This knowledge is available to you through our professional Collection Development staff, on-staff professional librarians, helpful support staff, and experienced sales representatives.