A Planning Checklist

Here is a brief checklist of some important steps involved in the new library planning process. However, each new library is unique and we can help you plan so your new library fits your students' specific needs.

  • Review current and future needs with your Perma-Bound representative
  • Identify funding sources.
  • Summarize school demographics.
  • Establish a project timeline including a date for completion.
  • Complete the collection development request form.
  • Identify any individuals that need to be involved in the planning, if a planning committee is needed, and identify and work towards any other necessary approvals.
  • Create a list of specific needs for your collection, being sure to identify any need for smaller collections outside of the main library such as classroom libraries and bookrooms. Be sure to consider special needs for reading programs.
  • Formulate your budget, considering budget restrictions that may exist for specific items and any applicable deadlines.
  • Consider furniture and shelving needs for your new library.
  • Review any circulation system needs–we have knowledge to share and partner with other providers to offer complete systems.
  • Determine the processing needs for your new collection, complete, and submit the processing specifications form to Perma-Bound.
  • Submit your final order list to Perma-Bound.
  • Review and approve sample processed book for accuracy.
  • Plan how to introduce the new library to teachers and staff.
  • Receive shipments, shelve your new books, and confirm order completion.
  • Enjoy your Opening Day!