What About Budgeting?

Budget can be a challenge as you work toward your library goals. You need to consider:

  • Is there a budget in place?
  • Do you need to create one?
  • Do you need to determine what you can get for your investment?

Regardless of whether you have a specific budget or need to develop one – count on Perma-Bound for assistance. Let us help identify your collection needs and match them to your budget. Our Collection Development professionals will ensure the collection fits target demographics, so you will get the most for your budget and a new library that truly meets student needs. And as an added bonus, Perma-Bound offers a FREE grant search service that can identify potential funding sources for your library.

Best of all, the Perma-Bound binding carries an unconditional guarantee–if you are ever dissatisfied with a book in our Perma-Bound binding, we will replace it! Perma-Bound's binding quality is popular and effective in libraries everywhere. According to our latest research, you would have to replace a paperback book 7-10 times before having to replace a Perma-Bound pre-bound book, and that equates to quality and savings!

Do You Have Additional Needs?

As you develop a more definite picture of your new library, other issues may occur to you. It's like being on a journey: you run into unexpected needs and unanticipated side-trips!

On your "library adventure," you may discover a need for:

  • Classroom libraries
  • Bookrooms
  • Supplemental teaching materials
  • Audio/visual materials
  • Correlations to state standards or specific reading programs

You will discover that Perma-Bound has a wealth of resources for both the school library and the classroom. As part of our planning services, we review all your needs to help you maximize your selections and purchasing power.