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July 2021
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When I was fifteen, I was fired from my part-time job at the library in Wilmette, Illinois. The reason? Reading too much–while I was supposed to be working. Luckily, I had other jobs. One began when I was twelve: playing organ at my church. At seventeen I taught piano lessons to kids in my town. My musical background did inspire many of my books. Another job involved selling doughnuts and cupcakes at a bakery, which hasn’t led to any books so far.

Then, the day after I graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, I began a career in publishing. I worked for four companies as a children’s book editor. While on the job, I wrote mysteries in the Trixie Belden series and other books. Finally I started working at home, writing my own books. I love getting the chance to explore subjects I’m passionate about, like history, music, and extraordinary people.

I am married to children’s book illustrator and sometimes writing partner Paul Brewer and live in San Diego, California.

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