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September 2015
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Anti-Bully - Treating others in a way that does not intimidate by hurting or humiliation in a verbal, emotional or physical way as to cause dominance.

Bob Staake’s birthday is on September 26th.

Much admired writer/illustrator Bob Staake began drawing editorial cartoons as a student at West High School in Torrance, California. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a Print Journalism degree.

Bob works in a studio just yards from his house and writes stories about whatever pops into his head. His goal is to write a clever story using a simple concept that offers some insight and engages a reader. “All the complimentary book reviews in the world are one thing, but they pale in comparison to one letter from a kid who claimed your book inspired them to read.”

He also weaves tales using compelling visual images that appear in his head. Bob believes less is more. He brings into play simple words and images to inspire, nurture, and encourage a child’s imagination. Simple can still take time as his fresh, modern, and graphically powerful wordless book, Bluebird, took 10 years from his walk in Central Park with a bird following him, to the moment it was finished.

Bob has authored and/or illustrated more than 60 books with many translated into over 12 languages. He is also a prolific and highly acclaimed commercial illustrator as a New Yorker cover artist whose work has appeared as well in the New Yorker, Time, the Washington Post, and the New York Times and countless others.

Bob lives and works in Chatham, Massachusetts, in a 200-year-old house on the elbow of Cape Cod.

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