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Gentleness - Embracing others feelings always in humble consideration.

Nancy Tillman’s birthday is on December 21st.

Nancy’s first childhood memory is of her mother reading to her. It’s no wonder the heart of her picture books focus on the love parents feel for their children. She left her career as an advertising executive to create books that convey to children everywhere that “You are loved” – which is written on the last page of every one of her books.

Nancy believes, “As a children’s picture book author and illustrator, my goal is to celebrate the unique value and worth of every child.” She illustrates using a Wacom tablet at her computer and writes in longhand. Once she has finished creating a book, her daughter and her husband are the first to peruse it. She feels the best way to create a book is to “write what you know.”

Nancy’s book On The Night You Were Born was chosen by United Through Reading as a top 25 children’s storybooks to read by Military members everywhere and earned her status as a New York Times Best Selling Author. Hallmark has also honored this book with a Keepsake Ornament.

Her spirit of uplifting people does not end with her beautiful picture books. She continues her mission by connecting on social sites with encouraging words such as the following tweet: “Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. You have the most important job in the world. And isn’t it grand?!”

Nancy writes and illustrates full-time. She lives in Tualatin, Oregon.

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