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August 2015
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N.D. Wilson - Click to see all titles by this author.

Adventurous - Actively engaged in seeking and living out exciting experiences.

N.D. Wilson’s birthday is on August 12th.

Nathan David Wilson was born in Moscow, Idaho. His father helped to found a school with a classical emphasis, which he attended K-12. He had many adventures riding Styrofoam chunks in the town creek, playing in the large barn, fishing for bulls in the pasture, and taking charge of an abandoned combine in the old rock quarry.

N.D. believes the world is a magical place: “All around us, magic is overflowing and running down the streets.” Living on a ball spinning in circles through the stars he wonders what kind of talented creatures can constantly balance on their feet. Flying through the sky in a giant metal tube, boats that sail to the bottom of the sea, and throwing men all the way to the moon are the kind of thoughts that he ponders. His stories reflect this magical place. “Because it is.”

N.D. Wilson holds a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts, is a Fellow of Literature, and still teaches part-time. He currently lives in a tall skinny house with the blue-eyed girl he stole from the ocean, along with their five young explorers, two tortoises, and one snake.

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