Collection Analysis and Planning

Perma-Bound's Collection Analysis and Planning (CAP) program is a powerful analytical tool you can utilize free of charge to evaluate your current collection and identify future needs. The online CAP program will break your collection down by Dewey one hundreds and tens as well as by copyright and provide you with detailed tables, charts, and graphs allowing you to easily see the current standing of your collection. In addition the program also identifies incomplete records, and maps out a five-year plan highlighting your current weeding and purchasing needs for the upcoming year.

All of this is designed with you in mind, to help your library achieve its fullest potential. CAP only takes into account the MARC records you have uploaded for titles that are currently in the Perma-Bound database, which may not be reflective of your entire collection. Because of this, you may notice a difference between the actual number of books in your collection and what is displayed as a match in Manage My Collection (MMC.)

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Make Your Collection Comprehensive

Perma-Bound's CAP program works in conjunction with our title matching program Manage My Collection (MMC) minimizing the chances of purchasing books already on your shelves, so your investment is all brand new.

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Customizable To Fit Your Unique Needs

Additional features of our CAP program allows you to input your school's specific demographics and book-per-student goals in order to receive tailored reports and title suggestions generated just for your needs!

We Are Ready For Your Call

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To ensure the quality and integrity of our database, we have removed MARC records uploads from accounts that have not been accessed for over a period of two years. You are welcome to re-upload your records for a new MMC/CAP Analysis. If you feel an error has been made with your records, please contact our tech support at +1 800 637-6581 or email