TCM Decodable Books

Make Learning to Read Fun with Decodable Books These truly decodable books are fun and memorable with unpredictable stories. They are structured to progressively develop phonological awareness, phonics skills, and high-frequency word recognition. These books contain regular spelling patterns, with most letters representing their usual sounds, providing successful reading practice for early readers. Helpful, engaging family support is included in each book. This series includes 10 unique text-first books for each level. These books provide the opportunity for students to practice decoding the text without illustration clues. When they turn the page, the same text is repeated with illustrations to confirm their decoding accuracy and understanding. These books support the Science of Reading.
90 books available for grades Pre·K–2

  • Introduce new sounds and words with sequenced books.
  • Practice reading and recognizing high-frequency words.
  • Develop comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills.