Take read-alongs to the next level with the new Wonderbook, from the makers of Playaway Audio®. The Wonderbook is an audio player permanently affixed to the inside cover of a hardcover children’s book. The Wonderbook helps improve reading comprehension for readers aged 3-13, in formats ranging from Picture Books to Leveled Readers, while promoting deeper discussion between students and educators. With Wonderbook, your students will experience read-alongs like never before!

The Wonderbook is innovative, convenient, and fun:

  • Contains a preloaded audiobook player permanently attached to a hardcover book
  • Circulates like a print book–self-contained and shelf-ready
  • Features hundreds of read-alongs, chosen from top publishers’ best children’s titles
  • Includes Learning Mode, which engages imagination and brings a story-time feel to reading
  • Promotes reading comprehension in an innovative way

Wonderbook is ready for circulation:

  • The battery life of a fully charged Wonderbook is 14-16 hours.
  • The average audio duration of a Wonderbook picture book is 10 minutes.*
  • Wonderbook charges completely (from dead to full battery) in one hour, using a micro USB cord.
  • Picture Books and Leveled Readers average 85 to 95 plays before needing to be charged.
  • Wonderbook is perfect for school libraries and book rooms.

*Note: For the convenience of staff, Playaway® recommends not circulating the Wonderbook with the charging cord.

Not available to public libraries through Perma-Bound.