The All-In-One Audiobook

Your favorite Playaway titles are available directly from Perma-Bound! An all-in-one product, Playaway is a highly portable, easy-to-use player that comes with an entire audiobook already on it. From popular bestsellers to language learning programs, our catalog of over 10,000 titles is ideal for all ages and is constantly expanding by over 100 titles every month. We'll be continuing to grow our catalog of available Playaway titles each month, so make sure to check back to see what's new!

Some things simply fit together

Playaway® Bookpacks bring together the convenience of the all-in-one audiobook with print to create a multi-sensory experience that helps build deeper comprehension, fluency and vocabulary skills, all at the student's own pace. Perfect for engaging with the Common Core!

*Playaway® Bookpacks are only available with paperback titles included.

Playaway Bookpacks
Playaway Launchpad

The kids-only learning tablet is here!

Your favorite Playaway Launchpad titles are now available directly from Perma-Bound! Playaway Launchpad is the first-ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet for libraries and schools that both kids and adults will love. Launchpad tablets are fun to explore, durable enough for little explorers, and loaded with interactive learning apps and games. Playaway Launchpads feature high-quality learning apps grouped together by subject area, theme, grade level and age. From math and monkeys to science and superheros, every Launchpad is a new adventure. And, there's a tablet for every child.