Customized Dictionaries

Only Perma-Bound offers the opportunity to personalize classroom sets of dictionaries with your school name and logo. Show your school spirit with dictionaries that will withstand years of everyday student use!

Customized Options

Our graphic artists will design your book cover using any of your school information you would like to incorporate into the overall design.

  • School Name
  • Slogan/Motto
  • Mascot
  • School Color(s)
  • School Phone Number
  • Biographical information on a school donor

Customized Process

High resolution images (300 dpi or greater) of any graphics you want on your cover are required. If an image is not available, the initials or name of your school can be used. We can also assist you in locating a mascot image for purchase at an additional fee, if desired.

Most files formats for graphics are compatible and can be used in your custom design. Our designers can accept images in .jpg, .tiff, .eps and .pdf formats, or files produced in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign and Word. Please send a hardcopy of your graphic image for reference. We will submit your cover design to you for approval before producing your books.

An informational brochure with ordering information can be accessed here.

Cost Details

Perma-Bound creates your unique school cover for a one-time set up fee based on order quantities of 40 or more of the same title. The required setup fee is $75 and is based on receipt of usable artwork that follows the specifications provided by Perma-Bound. Additional artwork charges may be incurred if your submitted image needs design work or adaptation beyond an initial four hours of design time. Please feel free to submit any potential artwork for review.

You will not be charged more than the setup fee unless you are first notified of the need for additional design services. Please note that if the title chosen is in the Original Publishers Binding (OPB) you must call +1 800 637-6581 for an accurate price quote

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these dictionaries Perma-Bound?
Yes! We can use your school-specific cover art on nearly any dictionary or other reference work you choose, provided it's already available in Perma-Bound binding.
What can I display on these covers?
Covers are designed specifically for you by our graphic artists. If you have specific needs, such as a school slogan, motivational quote, or biographical information on a school donor, simply provide that information to your local sales representative. We can incorporate anything you need into the overall design.
Can I design my own cover?
If you submit a mock-up of the cover you would like on your dictionaries, we can replicate your design.
How much does this cost?
The school-discounted price listed online and in our catalog also applies to customized dictionaries. Perma-Bound will create a distinctive cover for a one-time set-up charge per cover design. For further information read the “Cost Details” section above.
Will I get to see my cover before I buy?
Yes, we will submit the cover design to you for approval before producing your books.

Contact Information

For assistance in placing a customized dictionary order please contact your Perma-Bound sales representative, or you can contact Customer Service at +1 800 637-6581 or by email at