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April 2019
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Loren Long - Click to see all titles by this author.

Loren grew up in Lexington, Kentucky loving sports, especially baseball. In fact, his favorite subject in school was P.E. He liked to draw also and his parents encouraged him.

His two favorite subjects in high school remained gym class and taking every art class offered. Loren achieved a BA in Graphic Design/Art Studio from the University of Kentucky and took graduate-level courses at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Most of his art is created with water-based paints on canvas with touches of colored pencil. He decided his sketches for LOVE were too complex for a monotype form. He cut out up to seven little prints per page gluing and painting into them with acrylic paint.

“The art you’ll find in these pages is a bit raw, a bit vulnerable, a bit messy. It’s unfinished in some places, overworked in others, flawed here and beautiful there. Kind of like love itself” —Loren

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