South Dakota State Standards for Language Arts: Grade 11

Currently Perma-Bound only has suggested titles for grades K-8 in the Science and Social Studies areas. We are working on expanding this.

SD.11.R. Reading Standards

11.R.1. Students can recognize and analyze words.

11.R.1.1. Students can apply cause and effect clues to extend vocabulary. (Application)

11.R.2. Students can comprehend and fluently read text.

11.R.2.1. Students can analyze how diction affects the interpretation of text. (Analysis)

11.R.2.2. Students can read fluently to comprehend grade-level text. (Application)

11.R.3. Students can apply knowledge of text structures, literary devices, and literary elements to develop interpretations and form responses.

11.R.3.1. Students can analyze and explain literary devices within text. (Analysis)

11.R.4. Students can interpret and respond to diverse, multicultural, and time period texts.

11.R.4.1. Students can analyze a text within cultural, geographical, and historical context. (Analysis)

11.R.5. Students can access, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate informational texts.

11.R.5.1. Students can analyze factors that influence the credibility of informational sources. (Analysis)

SD.11.W. Writing Standards

11.W.1. Students can apply the writing process to compose text.

11.W.1.1. Students can write text using comparison/contrast organizational patterns. (Synthesis)

11.W.1.2. Students can write a document analyzing how a work of literature mirrors the themes and issues of its historical period. (Synthesis)

11.W.2. Students can apply Standard English conventions in their writing.

11.W.2.1. Students can edit text for the correct use of independent and subordinate clauses. (Evaluation)

11.W.2.2. Students can edit for correct use of verbals and verbal phrases. (Evaluation)

11.W.2.3. Students can edit for correct use of semicolons and colons. (Evaluation)

11.W.2.4. Students can edit for correct use of parentheses, dashes, hyphens, and ellipses. (Evaluation)

SD.11.LVS. Listening, Viewing, Speaking Standards

11.LVS.1. Students can listen, view, and speak to communicate, retrieve, interpret, and evaluate information.

11.LVS.1.1. Students can evaluate strategies used in auditory and visual communications to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. (Evaluation)

11.LVS.1.2. Students can evaluate logical and critical thinking used in communication. (Evaluation)

11.LVS.1.3. Students can implement rhetorical devices in oral presentations. (Application)

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