PUR - Reactive Polyurethane

"Making the best, better with Perma-Bound books!"

Perma-Bound Books is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to its customers. With this commitment as our goal, we recurrently invest in new equipment, materials, and procedures to continue to provide the strongest books you can buy. With that being said, Perma-Bound is proud to announce that we are the first in our industry to offer the state-of-the-art binding process called Polyurethane Resin, or PUR, that we use in conjunction with the Wohlenberg Quick Binder.


Polyurethane (PUR) products have been used as adhesives for many years. Their ease of application, durability, flexibility, and range of adhesion make them ideal adhesive products in a wide range of constructions.

The introduction of polyurethane reactive hot melts (PUR hot melts or reactive hot melts) has added a new dimension to polyurethane use. Now an instant bond is formed (by the loss of heat as with the use of conventional hot melt) which later crosslinks into a urethane material with better heat and water resistance than was previously possible.

PUR Benefits

  • Outstanding round-ability and round-retention
  • Excellent lay-flat characteristics
  • Maximum durability
    • Maintains binding integrity over time
    • Superior page pull and flex values
  • High heat resistance
  • Superb sub-zero flexibility
  • Environmentally safe
  • Bonds to more types of stock
    • Eyewitness books
    • Medical Journals
  • Perma-Bound can bind anywhere from ½" - 2¾" thick books with the PUR method.
  • Use to bind any coated stock with very little gutter margins
    • Can be used to bind clay based paper as well
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